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BMJ use Milliken to transform office into a flexible, dynamic, ‘smart hub’ style workplace

HAVING identified a shift in the post-pandemic working patterns of its employees, BMJ embarked on a programme to transform its London office into what’s described as a flexible, dynamic, ‘smart hub’ style workplace.

The company appointed interior specialists Form Workplace Solutions to inspire and implement its new office design scheme and it’s said to have succeeded in creating a contemporary workspace, suitable for hybrid working, where BMJ’s employees can operate comfortably and productively.

With various collaboration zones, they can be creative, innovate, exchange ideas and socialise, says the company. The design scheme also accommodates areas for concentrated working with formal workstations and study areas.

By specifying a considered selection of co-ordinating Milliken floorcoverings, Form has utilised the floorscape to define each space, while maintaining a ‘strong coherent feel’ throughout the interior says Milliken.

‘Milliken’s Polished Concrete LVT, with its strong urban aesthetic, welcomes you into BMJ’s office environment up to the underlit reception desk. Moving through to main office area, the floorcovering changes to On-Point, a wood plank LVT design from Milliken’s First Call collection. Installed in a herringbone style, in ash tones of Samara, it looks smart and sophisticated and works beautifully with the natural wood tables and luxurious leather soft seating. The LVT’s FlexForm Sound acoustic layer, with an impact sound insulation rating of 17dB, helps reduce noise of footsteps passing through this connecting space.’

Milliken’s carpet Wireframe and Wireframe Expressions On-Point is installed through to the kitchen and dining area, offering what’s described as an easy maintenance, practical solution. The soft timber-look floor and neutral walls allow the royal blue and fuchsia pink furniture to pop in this lively, social space.

The company continues: ‘Modular flexibility of three colour combinations of Wireframe, and its colour transitioning partner Wireframe Expressions, are installed throughout the workspace. With its precise cross-hatched lines, created with Milliken’s Millitron digital design technology, the design inspires a sense of structure and purpose.

‘In the dark, earthy tones of Loft, Wireframe is installed in the circulation areas, leading you through to the desking zone for focussed, concentrated working.’

The collaborative workspaces are described by the company as defined with a shift to the warm with the finishes and a feature of various table sizes and soft furnishings in co-ordinating blue and vibrant, stimulating orange. ‘The circular and square insets of Mellow yellow zone and echo forms the acoustic bench seating. For the square inset, Wireframe Expressions transitions the colour gradually from Loft to Mellow in a ‘beautiful celebration’ of a modular carpet flexibility,’ says Milliken.

The company adds: ‘For this open, collaborative workstyle, acoustic management was key to the design brief. As well as enhancing wear performance, the carpet’s Comfort Lite cushion backing, with a sound absorbency rating of 32dB, plays a crucial role in absorbing any distracting noise as people talk and move around the office. This makes for a calm working environment where BMJ’s employees can feel comfortable, interact freely and be productive.’

Jennie Heals, transformation director of BMJ says: ‘We’re thrilled with our new office space and cannot wait to have everyone returning to the office to experience the new hybrid working pattern.’
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