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Bona launches its newest lacquer, Bona Traffic HD Raw

BONA, which describes itself as a global, sustainably-driven company that supplies products for installing, renovating, maintaining, and restoring premium floors, has announced the launch of its newest addition to the Bona Traffic family of lacquers, Bona Traffic HD Raw. According to the company, this ‘ultra-matte, highly durable and protective lacquer creates a beautiful, ‘untreated’ wood experience’.

A wood floor’s sheen can differ depending on the perspective and viewpoint. A low sheen floor viewed from the other side of the room could appear glossy when sunlight is shining on the lacquered surface. ‘Bona Traffic HD Raw creates an easy-to-apply, highly durable, and ultra-matte topcoat meeting contemporary trends and floor owner’s needs,’ says the company.

‘The sheen differences on a floor all have to do with the lacquer and its composition. After extensive research by Bona, we finally solved this challenge, delivering a new topcoat with a true raw wood look. The magic lies in the combination of different features that optimise the performance of the product.

‘Bona Traffic HD Raw has an excellent natural look showing great durability in terms of wear, scuff, and chemical resistance. Even if the lacquer is almost invisible, it’s there, assuring long-lasting protection of the wood floor,’ said Thomas Hallberg, director of product management professional EMEA/APAC, Bona AB.

The company continues: ‘Like all Bona Traffic HD products, Bona Traffic HD Raw is a two-component waterborne lacquer that is EC1 PLUS and GREENGUARD Gold certified for indoor air quality. Bona Traffic HD Raw offers a natural aesthetic almost like the surface is untreated.

‘This new lacquer offers high slip safety and is ideal for homes with children and pets. The ultra-matte, low-odour lacquer offers a forgiving application with a look that stays consistent in larger areas and during the application and drying process.’

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