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Bona traffic GO with 2K technology and built-in hardener

BONA, which describes itself as a global, sustainably-driven company that supplies products for installing, renovating, maintaining, and restoring premium floors is announcing the launch of its new lacquer, Bona Traffic GO. This ‘unique wood floor treatment is developed with innovative two-component (2K) technology and a built-in hardener providing simplicity, safety, and heavy-wear durability all in one product’.

Says the company: ‘The innovative curing technology is a significant evolution in the wood floor lacquer industry. Without compromising performance, Bona Traffic GO is free from isocyanate due to its built-in hardener, as well as PFAS, which Bona is phasing out and replacing with other components. With less than 3% volatile organic compounds (VOC), Bona Traffic GO ensures a healthier application and curing process that exceeds current legislative guidelines while meeting high levels of durability and performance.’

‘With its unique 2K technology, Bona Traffic GO is the perfect solution for a commercial environment particularly those floors with heavy wear and foot traffic. It’s tough with a professional level of durability while also allowing an easy application process. Bona Traffic GO delivers high level performance with health and sustainability in mind,’ said Thomas Hallberg, director product management professional EMEA/APAC, Bona AB.

‘Bona Traffic GO’s unique integrated hardener is activated once the product is applied to the wood surface. This technology allows Bona Traffic GO to perform as a 2K product designed for heavy wear areas, with all the benefits of one component (1K) simplicity. The product’s high durability also means remarkable scuff and stain resistance.

‘Because of the integrated hardener, contractors can omit measuring and mixing thereby saving time, wastage and allowing for more flexibility in the work process. Bona Traffic GO provides a clear coat, non-yellowing appearance with unlimited pot life to minimise waste.’

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