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Bostik’s game-changing SL C955 ADVANCED high-performance smoothing compound

‘A HIGH performance’ smoothing compound that doesn’t require intensive subfloor preparation, SL C955 ADVANCED is the latest major product launch from Bostik.

Says the company: ‘With exceptional flow characteristics, it can be applied directly to most common substrates primer-free owing to its high adhesion and low shrinkage properties, saving flooring contractors considerable time and money. This includes old adhesive residues, ceramic tiles, Bostik dampproof membranes, flooring-grade plywood, resin flooring, and more.

‘It’s also unaffected by moisture, meaning it can be used over damp subfloors prior to the application of a dampproof membrane, and can be applied from 2mm to 30mm in a single application when bulked out with a suitable aggregate.’

Continues the company: ‘SL C955 ADVANCED has a fast walk-on time of two hours, while floorcoverings can be laid in as little as four hours under good ambient drying conditions. The smoothing compound is specially formulated to be used in conjunction with waterborne underfloor heating systems and can also be used to encapsulate electric cable type heating.’

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