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Burmatx is a pioneer in sustainable UK-made contract carpet tiles and planks

BURMATEX describes itself as one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of contract carpet tiles and planks. Based in Yorkshire, Burmatex says it puts sustainability at the top of its agenda. Its ‘eco-friendly product portfolio focuses on the design and creation of innovative products to meet the needs of architects, specifiers and contractors, with a continuously expanding range of carpets to suit the education, leisure, commercial and public sectors’.

The Burmatex brand was created in 1967 with a UK manufacturing history of more than 50 years, the company says it has total control over all quality and sustainability aspects of its products’ design, manufacture, storage and distribution.

Says Burmatex: ‘Today Burmatex manufacturers a much broader range of products, including multilevel loop, low level loop, fibre bonded and entrance matting. Still the fundamental principles of recycling and reuse remain at the core of our operation, and form the foundations of our sustainability principles eco2matters.’

In its own words, Burmatex says it now has four carbon neutral ranges including:
Arctic with a colour palette consisting of 12 colours inspired by these natural elements – ice blues and cool greys amongst soft and subtle warmer hues, with marine-like green tones, available in both tile and plank.

Osaka the design and 12-colour palette are inspired by the contrasts of Japanese culture – new and old, warm and cool, urban and natural.

Dapple organic design echoes the effect of light being filtered through trees and scattered onto the forest floor. Inspired by nature, the 12 colour palette helps you connect your built interior to the natural environment.

The balance collection is comprised of balance grid, balance grade and balance ground. All designs work independently as well as together and with a colour palette of 36 makes delineating interior zones easy and effortless.

All four ranges are manufactured using Universal Fibers ground-breaking Thrive matter yarn, the world’s first carbon negative recycled yarn, and Burmatex’s unique BioBase recycled backing. Together, these mean that arctic, osaka, dapple and the balance collection are carbon neutral.

‘We’re constantly reminded by our customers of the value of being a British manufacturer,’ says John Doherty. ‘At Burmatex we believe there’s a strong link between sustainability and British manufacturing. The two things go hand in hand. Our products are designed, manufactured and stocked in Ossett, West Yorkshire which makes them readily available. The twin messages of sustainability and 100% manufactured in the UK are resonating strongly with the market.’

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