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CARMAN by Computers for Flooring

Multi-award winning, cloud-based flooring business management SOFTWARE.

We have a proven track record of delivering affordable, big business solutions with cutting edge innovation, adapted to suit the customer’s complex needs.

Our Flooring business managements solutions are ever-evolving products, and we keep our customers at the very forefront of what is possible.

In the early years, we focused heavily on our retail customers and found the knowledge and experience we gained set us in good stead to understand the industry from the ground up.
Over the past 12 years, we have been taking suggestions and requests from our customers and weaving them into our ever-evolving product, delivering solutions to the most complex and unique flooring related problems.

We provide software solutions to some of the most important and well-established names in the contract world, offering British built software and long-term partnerships. In addition to standard software, our bespoke development service starts with the framework of our tried and tested system, but with bespoke changes and built to client specification.

We can offer external integrations to third party packages such as FloorRight and SiteDraw by Pacific Solutions for take-off software, Yoti -Sign digital legally binding document providers and Xero accounting software.

Other features include internal SMS. This award-winning feature allows your business to communicate with customers via reply and non-reply SMS, with all messages stored in Carman.

Our wholesale software can provide total transparency of sales, stock, and distribution as it moves through your network. With intuitive warehousing app-driven solutions simplifying the pick, pack and post process.

From forklift operators to integrated cutting table functionality, we offer you a working partnership. As we are always working on and updating the software, there is no need for expensive consultants to keep your warehouse software relevant and updated.

Android app-based solutions
Our integrated applications offer a cost-effective way to run everything from fitting to logistics and if you have an idea in mind, we have the know-how to make it a reality.

Our latest Android release of the Carman Companion app offers ERP and Enterprise users real-time stock visibility at every stage, ensuring total control over stock from goods in through to dispatch.

The apps innovative warehouse features give the user the ability to manage all common inventory management tasks, including digital pick lists, goods receipt, stocktaking, as well as stock movements, adjustments and much more.

Carman Business Intelligence
Carman Business Intelligence is an industry first, and we are very proud to have embarked on a joint project with the University of South Wales and its data scientists.

Carman Business Intelligence translates complex data into meaningful, understandable, and actionable information, which in turn can be used to support more effective strategic, tactical, and operational insights and decision-making. The level of data available to the user is vast, accurate and live, requiring no change to their current process or additional input from staff.

We are bringing cutting edge, big data analytics to our customers no matter the size.

Carman Internal marketing
If you store your customer information in a digital format you are sitting on a potential gold mine and with Carman’s internal customer marketing features, you can capitalise on your existing customer database without having to rely on new footfall.

Carman B2B Portal
Off the shelf framework, customised to your business, giving an affordable hassle-free solution for B2B and trade sales online.

With Carman’s B2B portal, you are not just limited to flooring, as any item can be sold through the system in this way.

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