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Cemfloor is a high-performance cement-based, free-flowing, self-compacting liquid screed

Cemfloor is described as a high-performance cement-based, free-flowing, self-compacting liquid screed which is available throughout the UK and Ireland. It’s said to be suitable for various applications: commercial and domestic floors, underfloor heated floors, wet-rooms, bonded, unbonded or floating floors, newbuilds, or renovations and single or multi-story projects.

As Cemfloor is a cement-based screed, floorcoverings can generally be applied much faster than calcium sulphate/anhydrite screeds, says the company.

‘Calcium sulphate/anhydrite screeds generally need to be dried to a final moisture content of 0.5%CM to reach a relative humidity value of 75%. Cemfloor on the other hand reaches a relative humidity value of 75% when the screed has dried to a final moisture content of 2.5%CM.’

Cemfloor continues: ‘Across the UK and Ireland, Covid-19 and Brexit has meant many projects, commercial and domestic have experienced delays. Thanks to its many benefits, Cemfloor is the ideal product to use for screeding. It can be laid quickly with a smaller team, in most cases up to 10 times faster than conventional screed, or up to 2,000sq m a day.

‘Cemfloor is compatible with most fast-track flooring products including liquid DPM’s and moisture vapour suppressants; by using these products the flooring installation can proceed even when the screed moisture is >95%RH. By using Cemfloor along with these products specific solutions can be provided for projects where time scale is critical.’

CASE STUDY: Randox Laboratories
Cemfloor C30F6 was chosen as a fast-track solution by Corramore Construction for its client Randox Laboratories. As part of its ongoing commitment to produce much-needed Covid-19 test kits, Randox Laboratories recently invested in a new facility at its existing headquarters in Crumlin, Co Antrim. The specialised laboratory, the development of which was fast-tracked over the space of four weeks, is the first step in a wider diagnostics investment programme from the company.

Given the tight construction programme, Cemfloor was contacted and asked to propose a solution for the project. The chosen solution was to use Cemfloor screed along with a surface applied liquid DPM to facilitate the rapid installation of vinyl flooring.

The company continues: ‘Cemfloor Therm CT C30F6 was specified and over a period of just two days, 3,800sq m was installed by O’Neill Concrete Flooring with the screed being supplied by Robinson Concrete. The Cemfloor screed was delivered to site ready-to-use which eliminated the need for site mixing of bagged products which dramatically sped up the screed installation.

‘Owing to the high early strength of Cemfloor C30, the screed was loaded with access lifts three days after installation which ensured the build programme was able to continue with minimal disruption.

Seven days after the screed was installed the surface was mechanically prepared and a two-part epoxy liquid surface DPM was applied. The DPM was used to suppress the residual moisture remaining in the screed and negated the need to wait for the screed to dry to a moisture level of <75%RH before the vinyl flooring could be installed.

‘A sand scatter was applied to the DPM while it was still wet. Once the DPM had fully set all excess sand was removed by vacuum after this stage, a self-levelling compound was installed prior to the installation of the vinyl flooring. Owing to the incredible amount of effort by all parties involved, the entire project finished ahead of schedule with no issues encountered.’

There are five products in the Cemfloor range at present, with more to be announced in the future. The company describes each:

  • Cemfloor Therm: Thanks to the self-compacting properties of Cemfloor Therm, it’s specifically designed for use with underfloor heating systems. It totally encapsulates the underfloor heating pipework and eliminates air voids which ensures optimal heat transfer from the heating pipework to the screed surface. It can also be installed at much thinner depths compared to traditional sand and cement which ensures ultimate controllability of the underfloor heating system.
  • Cemfloor HPC: Cemfloor High Performance Concrete (HPC) is a specially formulated self-compacting concrete. It can be used to create stronger and more durable floor slabs with less shrinkage and increased bay sizes to minimise joints, than those constructed with conventional concrete. Higher compressive and flexural strengths are achieved enabling a reduction in slab thickness providing an improved environmental profile. High quality finishes can be achieved without power floating. This product highly suitable for all commercial and industrial projects.
  • Cemfloor Non-Heated (NH) is a high-performance cement based, free flowing, self-compacting liquid screed. It can be installed quickly; foot trafficked in 24-48 hours and has minimal drying shrinkage (<0.05%). It’s suitable for various applications; newbuilds or renovations and single or multi story projects. Its drying properties ensure floorcoverings of all types can be installed quicker compared to other types of screeds available. This significantly speeds up the entire build process.
  • Cemfloor Level Plus is a specially formulated ultra-thin self-levelling cementitious floor screed. It’s a mixture of Cemfloor binder, cement, water, and a suitable sand and complies with BSEN 13813:2002. This product is specifically designed for use as a thin section screed at a depth between 10-50mm and to bridge the gap between bagged self-levelling compounds materials and standard liquid screeds.
  • Cemfloor Complete is a specially formulated ready to use self-levelling cementitious floor screed and can be applied to a wide range of floors which complies with EN 13813:2002. Cemfloor Complete is available in 25kg and 1,000kg bags.

Concludes the company: ‘Cemfloor is only installed by fully approved and trained applicators ensuring quality is never compromised. We have over 80 Distributors in Ireland and the UK with 100-plus approved applicators.’
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