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Ceralsio a suitable flooring choice for high-traffic areas

FLOORING, whether chosen for large, open spaces or smaller venues needs to perform visually as well as practically. Always visible and covering a wide expanse, the choice of floor will draw attention and because it’s also subject to a great deal of wear-and-tear it needs to be hardwearing and functional too.

Says CR Laurence: ‘This is what makes Ceralsio such a suitable flooring choice for high-traffic areas. Incredibly strong and durable, this is a material that ticks all the boxes from a practical perspective, but from a style point too. Available in a wide range of colours reflecting key trends in interior design, this an extremely versatile flooring option that works on all levels.’

The company continues: ‘At 6mm, 12mm or 20mm thick and available in a large slab format for ease of installation with minimal joins, the technical characteristics of Ceralsio give it a superior level of resistance to wear and tear. Suitable for use as a flooring option for indoor and outdoor spaces due to its resistance to ultra-violet rays, the surface will remain colourfast despite the passing of time and even when subject to direct sunlight. Highly resistant to knocks and impacts, the flooring can be chosen with peace of mind for busy areas including hotel lobbies, bars, and restaurants.’

Adds CR Laurence: ‘However, perhaps one of the biggest benefits of Ceralsio is its ease of cleaning.

Caring for this type of floor requires minimal effort, helping to reduce maintenance issues and potential downtime for public areas, while maximising hygiene. Areas such as kitchens, bars and washrooms can benefit in particular from the properties of Ceralsio, which is extremely resistant to humidity and water.

‘This is a material that is resistant too, so everyday spillages can be easily wiped clean. The surface can be washed clean with mild detergent and a soft mop, while its sheer durability means it is resistant to staining and scuffs that often go hand in hand with high traffic areas and heavy footfall.’

The company says that aside from the many practical advantages, a major benefit of Ceralsio is the array of styles available in the range. ‘Inspired by nature, the flooring provides the opportunity to achieve trend-setting looks in keeping with any setting, without compromising on function.’

The company concludes: ‘Floors with a subtle or a bold marble-effect pattern, for example, often work well when teamed with materials such as wood and metal, bringing nature indoors and creating a calming ambience. There’s also the opportunity to go bold with marble-inspired patterns, suitable for larger spaces where visual impact deserves to be maximised.’
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