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Coordinating a beautiful range of Milliken floorcoverings

THE Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership (SWLEP) engaged workplace interior specialists Wylde IA to transform a dated office building into a modern, dynamic technology focused environment.

Over three floors, its new Business Cyber Centre needed to accommodate businesses of all scales and sizes, with the aim of creating a community of empowered tech-savvy organisations.
SWLEP’s new interior is a modern, inspiring and optimistic workplace expertly designed to help businesses comfortably thrive and grow.

Wylde IA’s design team has created a series of connected spaces that feel coherent and yet are able to function in a myriad of different ways.

To help achieve the aesthetic for this contemporary workplace, the designers have specified what’s described as a beautifully coordinating range of Milliken floorcoverings.

Says the company: ‘In the bright double-height reception space is an exquisite combination of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and carpet from Milliken’s Change Agent design collection. Symbolic of this building’s transformation, Change Agent is influenced by the alchemy of materials coming together to create radical change. The Earth Science LVT integrates seamlessly with the Compound Magic carpet in the metallic, drifting tonnes of Iron Core.

‘The pleasing shift in colour and texture of the LVT and carpet planks creates a striking effect and co-ordinates perfectly with the other finishes in this space.’

In the heart of the building the Compound Magic carpet leads into the Community Hub creating movement as it flows through the circulation areas. The variety of collaborative meeting spaces and hot-desking areas are defined in the floor scape with Milliken’s delicately cross-hatched Wireframe Expressions modular carpet design.

Milliken continues: ‘The precise lines in this design are uniquely created with Milliken’s proprietary Millitron digital design technology, which allows it to subtly transition from the earthy browns of Loft to the golden threads of Mellow.

‘The entrance to the Co-Lab floor features Earth Science LVT, this time in the contrasting lighter shades of Crystalize. It brightens the space and beautifully highlights the high desk meeting area. Compound Magic transitions into an expansive break out space. In this relaxed seating area, a bank of soft sofas are zoned and colour-toned with the blues of Wireframe Expressions. In this super-flexible building designed for adaptability and co-working, the modular format of Milliken carpet tiles and planks was the ideal choice for gently breaking up the floor plane.’

SWLEP’s state-of-the-art facility is reportedly enhanced by the acoustic performance of the floorcoverings. This helps, says Milliken, create a much calmer and quieter space and enables people to work more comfortably and productively.

‘The carpet includes Milliken’s WellBac and Comfort Lite cushion backings which, as well as absorbing 32dB of distracting noise, also provide comfort and additional wear performance. The LVT floorcoverings also feature Milliken’s FlexiForm Sound acoustic layer which provides a sound insulation rating of 17dB.

‘Maintaining a minimal carbon footprint for SWLEP’s new interior was a crucial requirement of the project. As part of Wylde-IA’s considered specification of furniture and finishing materials, Milliken’s floorcoverings, which are all carbon neutral, make an important contribution to reducing this interior’s environmental impact.’

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