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Designing hospitality spaces that bring joy

WHAT turns a beautifully designed space into a joyful experience? Is it simply an effective layout that balances form with function, biophilic design that connects to the healing power of the natural environment, or an eclectic style in cheerful colours that makes us feel energised and challenges us to explore possibilities?

The answer, of course, is all of the above. But the secret of success is paying attention to details. As the designer Charles Eames famously said, ‘the details aren’t the details. They make the design.’

So, with a holistic approach that incorporates biophilic design, arrangement of space that supports function and an eye for the small details that will take an interior beyond ordinary, we can create joyful hospitality spaces that inspire positivity and optimism for the future, where people can thrive and achieve their potential.

A primal bond with the natural world supports our health and wellbeing, so it follows that biophilic design will go a long way toward meeting our psychological needs whilst indoors. By designing a multi-sensory experience including texture, colour and sound we can create a space that appeals to our curiosity and creativity.

Warm earthy colours and organic forms will bring a luxurious sense of wellbeing and effortless serenity, while specifying practical high quality materials that authentically replicate the intricate details of nature will deliver the durability required to cope with busy commercial spaces.

Pattern introduces a dynamic sense of movement and life, encouraging users to navigate through a space and interact with others. Playing with scale using small and oversized patterns can create intimate areas for collaboration or alter perceptions of an interior’s dimensions.

When situations require a minimalist design, a patterned flooring offers the ideal opportunity to introduce subtle layers of colour, texture and flow.

At Helm Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in Brighton, a limed oak design herringbone floor has been combined with simple white walls to provide depth and a subtle biophilic foundation that won’t compete with the eye catching artwork.

Flooring as art
Alternatively, the floor can become the star of the show. An abstract floor design in an otherwise pared back interior, which repeats colours, materials and geometric shapes from walls, furnishings or the outside environment, will create a juxtaposition that challenges our expectations and encourages us to think laterally.

Our Opus abstract capsule collection offers endless options for creating visual movement with areas of pattern in perfect symmetry or offset designs for a disjointed uniformity. Used in rhythmic patterns, the floor can either create a sense of energy and action or mindfulness and contemplation.

With a vast range of designs and laying pattern options as well as high specification technical performance, Karndean flooring combines the unique beauty of natural materials with contemporary elegance to provide unparalleled opportunities for creative expression.
Fleur Carson is managing director of Karndean Commercial

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