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Down to Earth helps create calm, comforting spaces

Milliken’s showroom will once again be one of the highlights of CDW. Among other gems, Milliken will be showcasing Down to Earth, a carbon neutral carpet tile collection designed and manufactured in the UK by Milliken.

Created with the wellbeing of all its users in mind, with particular attention to the needs of our neurodiverse workforce. Down to Earth flooring can help to create calming, restorative spaces that take the needs of all a building’s occupants into account. The collection embeds the latest trends for 2023 including earth tones, neutral hues and nature motifs.

The Down to Earth carpet tile collection is inspired by natural textures and patterns. Influences taken from fallen leaves and twigs, swaying branches, scattered light and natural shadows have been developed into a series of patterns. The collection is made up of two ‘background’ designs: Grounded and Enlightened and two-layered motif designs: Leaf and Twig.

Wellbeing is at the heart of the collection’s reason for being, with luxurious underfoot comfort, sound absorption, excellent acoustic performance and designed-in ergonomic properties. This biophilic carpet tile collection contributes to WELL Building certification.

Engineered to look better and last longer through Milliken’s use of premium quality fibre and innovative cushion backing.

Down to Earth is a cost-effective, versatile flooring solution for any commercial interior where the well-being of people inhabiting the space is the priority. The collection is offered in two different construction options to address the different needs and budgets of a particular space or client.

When it comes to the impact of sound, flooring has an important role to play.

Down to Earth uses Milliken’s innovative cushion backing which absorbs up to 60% more ambient sound than hardback and reduces impact sound by up to 40%

Down to Earth is designed and made in the UK and is part of Milliken’s 10 Day Quick Ship Service. Up to 1,000sq m per colour can be available for despatch within 10 working days of order placement.
Available with TractionBack 2.0 adhesive free installation: a more sustainable, healthier and more efficient method of carpet installation. As part of Milliken’s M/PACT Programme offers impressive green credentials from recycled content to responsible end-of-life reuse.

It is made from 60% recycled content by product weight and has the following third party certifications: A+, TUV, EPD and CRI.

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