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ECOPROTEC® Product Selector ‘just the ticket’

LTP’s ECOPROTEC Product Selector is a diagnostic and specification tool, developed for the tile and stone sector. Designed to give instant feedback, the online resource identifies the correct eco-treatment according to floor type and symptom.

As well as supporting flooring contractors and specifiers, the Product Selector is also a valuable retail sales aid and training tool.

It is free to access at

To promote ease and speed of use, LTP modelled its first-generation Product Selector on “user-friendly railway ticket machines”. This tried-and-tested method continues to form the framework of the tool. During the first step, users select surface type, followed by task – either cleaning, sealing, aftercare or tooling up.

They then identify symptom – be it a floor requiring an initial clean after installation, or removal of a specific stain or residue, from rust to grout.

They are then instantly shown the correct treatment from LTP’s ECOPROTEC® range. Complementary products can also be displayed and results added to a ‘my choices’ tab. These results can then be emailed back to the user for reference later.

The Product Selector is designed in web format, rather than as an APP, so that it can be continually updated without having to issue a complete APP refresh. The resource is also stand-alone, and not connected to any form of online shop, so retailers can be assured that potential sales are not directed elsewhere.

To access the Product Selector, please visit Or, for more information, please visit, tel. 01823 666213 or email

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