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F BALL and Co introduces Styccobond F73 PLUS: The ultimate adhesive solution for heavy-duty entrance matting

F BALL and Co’s new Styccobond F73 PLUS adhesive for internal and external heavy-duty applications is ideal for securing entrance matting in a mat well, which can often be subject to high levels of foot traffic and moisture.

Styccobond F73 PLUS has been developed to provide the high bond strength required to hold a wide range of textile and resilient floorcoverings, including rubber, vinyl, linoleum, and synthetic grass, firmly in place in areas that will be subject to heavy loads and high foot traffic, as well as surface water. It offers high initial grab and, once cured, is resistant to water, oil, and grease.

The latest advancements in adhesives technology have enabled F Ball to create the one-part, moisture-curing alternative to polyurethane and epoxy adhesives, meaning no mixing and less waste compared to traditional options.

Styccobond F73 PLUS is also easier to apply and faster curing, with an initial set time of just 90 minutes. The fast-setting properties allow welding of sheet floorcoverings to take place from as little as two hours.

The adhesive is fibre-reinforced, so the lateral movement of floorcoverings when placed into the adhesive is limited, an advantage when installing vinyl tiles or planks over large areas.
Styccobond F73 PLUS can be trowel-applied to a wide variety of sound, smooth subfloors, including concrete and sand/cement screeds, as well as Stopgap levelling compounds.

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