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F Ball and Co products deliver seamless flooring solution for Decorette

STOPGAP 600 deep section base compound and Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS adhesive were among products from F Ball and Co used to install floorcoverings in the new premises of the Echt franchise of the Dutch home deco retailer Decorette.

After installers removed old ceramic tiles and mechanically prepared the subfloor to remove adhesive residues, floor levels needed to be raised by 11mm.

To do this, flooring contractors applied Stopgap 600 Base deep section compound at a thickness of 7mm. F Ball says the product is suitable for applications at thicknesses between 5-50mm prior to being capped with a suitable F Ball smoothing compound.

‘Its fast-drying properties meant this could take place just three hours later, allowing flooring contractors to return the next day to install floorcoverings,’ says the company.

Pressure-sensitive adhesives from F Ball were then used to install PVC planks in a herringbone formation in the 200sq m area. Floorcoverings were adhered using Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS temperature-tolerant adhesive in the areas near the showroom’s floor-to-ceiling windows, which had the potential to cause solar gain and, consequently, extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations – this can cause floorcoverings to expand and contract significantly, leading to unsightly tenting and gapping at the edge of vinyl floorcoverings over time.

Says F Ball: ‘Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS develops the ultra-high bond strength to hold floorcoverings firmly in place in these situations.

‘Styccobond F46 was used to install vinyl planks in other areas. The pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive provides a high bond strength that increases as it’s trafficked, as well as strong initial tack, to reduce the likelihood of tiles or planks moving around while working. The indefinite open time offered by the product negates the risk of late placement, another advantage when creating the herringbone design.’

Raymond Schuijt, franchise owner and installer at Decorette Schuyt, said: ‘We love using F Ball adhesives and smoothing underlayments as they’re top quality and very easy to work with. The range is well thought out and contains solutions for every situation you can imagine.

‘I can always count on their technical support if I have any queries too. They’re only ever a phone call away and will gladly undertake site assessments to advise on the required subfloor preparation and floorcovering installation processes.’

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