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F Ball and Co used in the Middle East and Africa’s principal healthcare and research centre

A ‘HIGH-PERFORMANCE’ levelling compound and adhesives from F Ball and Co have been chosen to install floorcoverings in the Middle East and Africa’s principal healthcare and research centre for the treatment of burns and trauma, the Ahl Masr Hospital in New Cairo, Egypt.

Flooring contractors from Cairo-based Tradelink installed floorcoverings throughout the newly built hospital, including in inpatient rooms, intensive care units, nurse stations, blood donation areas, emergency department, administration centre and corridors, a total area of more than 5,500sq m.

Tradelink began by undertaking moisture tests to ensure the building’s subfloors were dry enough to receive floorcoverings. Surfaces were then primed using F Ball’s Stopgap P131 general-purpose primer to promote the application characteristics of subsequently applied subfloor preparation products.

Stopgap Red Bag was then applied throughout to create a ‘perfectly smooth’ base for floorcoverings to be installed. The water-mix, self-smoothing underlayment is designed for areas that are subject to light-wheeled traffic and can be used over normal underfloor heating installations.

F Ball’s Styccobond F44 solvent-free acrylic emulsion adhesive was used to install Gerflor Taralay Impression Compact safety flooring throughout the hospital, with the exception of operating theatres and X-ray rooms. Says the company: ‘Styccobond F44 provides a high bond strength, strong initial tack along with a long open time and is protected against biodegradation.’

Gerflor Mipolam Elegance EL5 conductive flooring was installed using Styccobond F57 in the operating theatres and X-ray rooms. Carbon fibres in the adhesive mean when set it will conduct electricity, so when used to install conductive/anti-static floorcoverings, it stops the build-up of electrical charges that can affect sensitive electronic equipment. The solvent-free adhesive also reportedly offers strong initial tack and a high bond strength.

Finally, Tradelink used F Ball’s Styccobond F60 contact adhesive to install skirting and capping and coving, as well as anti-bacterial PVC wall-guards, throughout the hospital.
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