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F Ball & Co’s Stopgap Fill and Prime

F BALL & CO’s Stopgap Fill and Prime is described as a fast-drying, cement-based primer that’s designed to prepare the surface of raised access panel subfloors prior to the application of a levelling compound.

Where subfloors are made up of raised access flooring, commonly found in office environments, it’s necessary to fill the joints between adjacent panels to ensure the surface is uniformly smooth.

This will prevent depressions as a result of subsequently-applied products sinking into them while setting, causing imperfections in the appearance of a finished flooring installation.

Says the company: ‘Stopgap Fill and Prime has a thixotropic consistency, meaning it flows freely when stirred but sets to a gel-like consistency on standing, enabling the gaps between joints to remain filled. It sets rapidly and is ready to receive foot traffic in as little as 60 minutes. Once cured, the flexible nature of the product enables it to accommodate movement within the substrate.’

As its name suggests, the product reportedly primes the subfloor, meaning the application of a standalone primer isn’t required prior to the installation of a levelling compound, saving valuable time.

The company concludes: ‘Stopgap Fill and Prime offers exceptional adhesion to a wide range of other subfloor types, including sand/cement screeds, concrete and sound asphalt, as well as Stopgap waterproof surface membranes. It is also suitable for use over well-bonded, waterproof adhesive residues, prior to the subsequent application of a recommended levelling compound.’

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