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F Ball & Co’s Styccobond F41, can secure a wide range of dimensionally stable ‘flat-lay’ carpet tiles

Carpet tile tackifiers provide a permanently tacky film to prevent ‘loose-lay’ carpet tiles from moving laterally under normal traffic, while allowing individual tiles to be quickly removed and replaced if necessary. This makes them an ideal choice when installing carpet tiles in areas where individual tiles may become damaged, worn, or stained.

One such product, F Ball & Co’s Styccobond F41, can reportedly be used for securing a wide range of dimensionally stable ‘flat-lay’ carpet tiles backed with bitumen/felt, non-woven fabric, PVC, and other polymer backings.

It can reportedly be applied over Stopgap levelling compounds and a wide range of absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors, including structurally sound, smooth, and dry concrete, sand/cement screed, plywood, raised access flooring panels and terrazzo. It’s also said to be solvent-free, protected against biodegradation, and approved for use in marine flooring installations, as well as suitable for use over normal underfloor heating (UFH) systems.

Says the company: ‘An acrylic polymer emulsion adhesive, Styccobond F41 is fast-drying and formulated to be easy-to-apply. Testament to its ultra-low VOC emissions, the carpet tile tackifier is certified EMICODE EC1 PLUS, making it suitable for installations where areas need to remain in use while work takes place, such as offices, schools, and retail environments.’

Case study: The Charter School
Styccobond F41, along with other ‘high-performance products’ from F Ball & Co, has been used by iFlor Flooring Contractors LLP to install a bright combination of grey, pink, and blue Paragon and Balsan carpet tiles in the sixth form common room at The Charter School in North Dulwich, London, helping create an inspiring learning environment for school students.

Contractors first determined that there was no need for a moisture management solution by undertaking a moisture test, which indicated the concrete subfloor was dry enough to receive floorcoverings, before proceeding with the application of a levelling compound to create a perfectly smooth base for the carpet tiles.

In addition to adding a splash of colour to the school’s sixth form study room, contractors also installed Forbo vinyl sheet in a number of classrooms using F. Ball’s Styccobond F46 pressure sensitive adhesive.

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