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F Ball’s Styccobond F41 tackifier enhances installation at Cinch headquarters

F BALL and Co’s Styccobond F41 carpet tile tackifier has been selected as part of an impressive installation at Cinch headquarters, securing Interface carpet tiles over raised access panels in the offices of what has been described as the UK’s fastest-growing online used car marketplace.

Says the company: ‘The solvent-free adhesive dries to create a permanently tacky film that prevents loose-lay carpet tiles from moving laterally but allows individual tiles to be lifted and replaced easily when worn or damaged, making it suitable for busy offices with high traffic corridors, and areas with chairs that have castor wheels. In this situation, it was chosen to facilitate the temporary removal of tiles to gain access to mechanical and electrical services beneath.

‘The tackifier can be used for securing a wide range of dimensionally stable ‘flat lay’ carpet tiles backed with bitumen/felt, non-woven fabric, PVC and other polymer backings. Where needed, it can be applied over Stopgap smoothing compounds, Stopgap waterproof surface membranes and a wide range of absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors, including structurally sound, smooth and dry concrete, sand/cement screed, plywood, raised access flooring panels and terrazzo.

‘The product is also approved for use in marine flooring installations and is suitable for use over normal under floor heating systems.’

Adam Couch, owner and director of iFlor Flooring Contractors, commented on the project: ‘We use F Ball’s Styccobond F41 tackifier for all our carpet tile jobs. It’s tried-and-tested and easy to work with, and we know it will deliver the best results for our clients. This project was no exception. The client was thrilled with the outcome.’
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