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F Ball’s subfloor preparation products utilised in major London housing development

SUBFLOOR preparation products from F Ball and Co, the manufacturer of flooring adhesives and subfloor preparation products, have been used in a major housing development in London.
Contractors from Hillingdon Flooring Company, based in Slough, were appointed to prepare and install the new floors on the Aylesbury Estate development in Walworth, which comprises 9,000sq m of floorspace across five blocks of flats and four blocks of terraced houses.

The job was completed using F Ball’s Stopgap Green Bag and 114 liquid, described as a fast-setting, protein-free smoothing underlayment. First, the sand/cement screed subfloors were sanded down and a moisture test was taken, which indicated the subfloors were dry enough to continue without the use of a moisture management system.

After priming the surface with Stopgap P131 general purpose primer, contractors applied Stopgap Green Bag 114 at a 3mm thickness to smooth out undulations. A spiked roller was then used to remove trapped air from the smoothing underlayment and smooth out flow lines, reportedly ensuring a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

Says the company: ‘Stopgap Green Bag 114’s fast setting and high strength properties made it ideal for this development as it dried quickly and was strong enough to withstand heavy-duty foot traffic once work restarted.’

Andrew Stroud, contracts manager at Hillingdon Flooring Company said: ‘We’ve used F Ball products for years, so we know they’re reliable and provide a high standard of finish. We know if we need advice on products F Ball’s technical support team will be able to help us or recommend the right products for the job.’

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