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F46 pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive from F Ball and Co

F BALL and Co Ltd’s Stopgap 1200 Pro levelling compound and F46 pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive have reportedly led the way in refurbishing floors at Heythrop Park, near Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire, following its acquisition by Warner Leisure Hotels, as part of a four-year, £40m renovation.

Contractors from Carter’s Flooring (Leisure), based in Derbyshire, were commissioned to install a range of high-spec floorcoverings throughout more than 6,000sq m of site’s public areas, including in the 300-year-old, Grade II-listed manor house, which is set in a 440-acre country estate, as well as the adjoining hotel complex.

The project included work in the reception, two ground-floor theatres, bars, restaurant and lounge areas in the modern part of the hotel, as well as connecting staircases and corridors.

Stopgap 1200 Pro levelling compound was used to raise subfloor levels so LVT floorcoverings and inlaid carpet would sit perfectly flush with previously installed ceramic tiles, with areas divided by solid brass CAT edging strips.

Says F Ball: ‘Stopgap Micro Rapid fast-setting, fast-drying floor finishing compound was used to address minor subfloor imperfections. In the entranceway of the reception, Stopgap 1200 Pro was applied to create a perfectly smooth surface where heavy-duty made-to-measure Newhay grid entrance well matting was installed.

‘Behind the reception desk, Plusfloor concrete-effect LVTs were adhered with F Ball’s Styccobond F46 pressure-sensitive adhesive, which provides a high bond strength that increases as it is trafficked, as well as strong initial tack, meaning tiles or planks won’t move around while working. The indefinite open time offered by the product negates the risk of late placement, another advantage when complex designs and patterns are being created.’

Contractors installed bespoke Brintons carpet in an inset seating area on one side of the reception and in front of the entrances to the larger of the hotel’s two ground-floor theatres and Late Lounge Bar, as well as on the steps and accessibility ramp leading from the reception to the 120sq m area, using a dual-bond system.

The company continues: ‘This involved using F Ball’s Styccobond F3 to create a permanent bond between carpet and underlay, with the company’s Styccobond F40 providing a peelable bond between the underlay and subfloor. This prevents floorcoverings moving laterally when subject to normal foot traffic but allows them to be easily lifted without damaging the subfloor when it eventually needs replacing.’

In the main theatre, where guests can enjoy live music, drama and comedy performances, Carter’s Flooring used Stopgap 1200 Pro to patch repair existing subfloors, including where stanchions had been removed, before installing 600sq m of custom-made dark black and blue Newhay carpet. Stopgap 1200 Pro was also used to create a smooth surface throughout the back of house areas ahead of the installation of Altro Stronghold 30 safety flooring.

F Ball continued: ‘Bespoke Newhay carpet was also installed in the Late Lounge Theatre, which was furnished with an Amtico wood-effect LVT dancefloor, inset within the carpet in front of the stage. Styccobond F46 was also used to install Harlequin Standfast high-performance vinyl sheet on both of the theatres’ stages.’

Amtico Signature basketweave, wood-effect LVTs were installed in the Late Lounge Bar up to seating areas with bespoke Newhay carpet and ceramic tiles around the bar, as well as on the steps leading to the Late Lounge Theatre.

A feature was created in the centre of the room with a large area of herringbone wood-effect LVTs and a border of Amtico Signature Cirrus Twilight grey planks.

Similarly, in the first floor ‘Pub and Kitchen’, Karndean ‘Van Gogh’ salvaged wood-effect LVTs were installed up to the bar area, where a border was created using Karndean ‘riven slate’ grey ‘Knight Tiles’, and areas with tables and chairs, where Alternative Flooring ‘Anywhere Rope’ natural carpet was installed.

A height difference of 30mm between the floor in one half of the area and the other necessitated three applications of Stopgap 1200 Pro (about 200 units of the product), priming before each application, to ensure one continuous level throughout.

Plusfloor Maverick floorcoverings were installed on the new main feature staircase leading from the reception to the first and second floors, extending onto the first floor Common Room lounge area. F Ball’s Stycco Flex rapid-curing, flexible tube adhesive was used to secure floorcoverings to the treads and risers of the custom-built steel staircase.

Concluded F Ball: ‘The high-strength build-up and fast curing time of the adhesive means it can secure stair-nosings and trims in as little as 60 minutes, without the need for mechanical fixings. Stycco Flex was also used to affix custom-made solid brass CAT stair-nosings on all steps throughout the location, including on the main staircase.’
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