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Find your design with Moduleo Roots

THE Moduleo Roots collection from IVC COMMERCIAL puts you in touch with the latest looks in LVTs with the quality to excel in commercial interiors, says the company. In everywhere from offices to retail and hospitality, Roots is said to connect spaces to the natural world through its wood, stone, and herringbone designs that’re as diverse and as vivid as nature itself.

IVC says: ‘The collection is available in three qualities, so you can choose a LVT floor that excels for your project. With 0.40mm, 0.55mm and 0.55mm EIR (embossed in register), wear-layer qualities, you get various trending, natural designs for a premium floor. Made in Belgium, Moduleo Roots features up to 30% recycled content using waste from IVC Commercial’s own recycling facility.’

It adds: ‘For the best in true nature designs, Moduleo Roots 55 EIR features a wear-layer with a texture that matches the design beneath and a super matt finish to enhance the authentic look. In wood designs such as the contemporary Galtymore Oak and weathered look of Nashville Oak, a range of smart herringbone floors and the stone of Mustang Slate, Roots 55 EIR is the range-topping LVT floor for projects that need the combination of natural looks, durability and ease of maintenance.’

With Protectonite across the collection, every Moduleo Roots floor is said to be easy to maintain. Resisting stains and scratches and making it easier to lift dirt, the PUR reinforcement ensures that Moduleo Roots stays protected.

For projects that need performance and quality, Moduleo Roots 55 is the solution, says the company. A floor that’s said to prioritise design flexibility, it’s available in many ranges of decorative effects. From woods such as the modern Glyde Oak to stone designs like Mattina, concrete in Azuriet and the terrazzo of Fiastra; it’s a collection with true mix and match possibilities, says IVC. Letting you explore coordinated floor layouts across different material looks, including herringbone, Moduleo Roots 55 is said to be a versatile collection of LVTs.

IVC Commercial adds: ‘In light use areas and housing projects, it’s the cost-effective practicality of Roots Moduleo 40 that makes the most sense. With a specification and quality capable of delivering long-term durability and easy maintenance, Moduleo Roots 40 delivers classic designs. In Classic Oak, Country Oak and Midland Oak, as well as the stone of Cantera, it’s a collection of affordable LVT floors ready to tackle commercial projects.

Moduleo Roots joins the existing LayRed 55 Engineered Acoustic Vinyl Flooring and Studio Moods creative flooring concept to continue IVC Commercial’s legacy in made in Belgium, high-quality LVTs for today’s commercial projects.’

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