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Floormitres used by H&J Martin at NI healthcare associations

THE Northern Health and Social Care Trust and The Southern Health and Social Care Trust are two of the largest healthcare associations in Northern Ireland. Between them, they provide services to over 850,000 people. Among the facilities under the Northern Trust’s control is Causeway Hospital in Coleraine.

The Southern Trust has Craigavon Area Hospital as one of its major healthcare sites.

H&J Martin was established in 1840. For well over a century and a half it has been delivering the highest level of quality work in every aspect of construction and fit outs. For this reason, the company was chosen to oversee and facilitate the work on these prestigious hospitals.

The hospitals needed new flooring to be installed throughout the buildings. The floorcovering would need to be made from a resilient material such as vinyl, making it easy to maintain high standards of hygiene using industrial cleaning machinery.

The flooring would also need to be supported at the floor-to-wall junctions and around corners, to prevent flooring failure or collapse and to protect against the heavy-duty cleaning equipment.

The approach
H&J Martin decided to use Quantum Flooring’s CCFM1 internal and CCFM2 external floormitres to help protect the flooring around corners in the hospitals. Vinyl or other resilient floorcoverings can be particularly vulnerable where the flooring meets the wall at corners, as it can be difficult to mitre the angles correctly.

These floormitres help create a uniform finish every time, leading to greater structural integrity along with improved aesthetic results.

Quantum’s QCF35 cove former was utilised to complement the CCFM1 and CCFM2. This profile fits perfectly with the curve of the floormitres, helping create a flush and hygienic finish every time, at each floor-to-wall junction and around corners.

The coving and the floormitres protect the floorcovering from damage at the join, and make the flooring easier to clean. For wet rooms, the vinyl can be fitted all the way up the wall where the floormitres can also be used in the wall-to-roof corners.

The UCS3 slimline flexible capping strip was used to create neat finishes to the floorcovering up the walls of the hospitals. The UCS3 profile is specifically designed for healthcare environments. It has a slimline cap, reducing the accumulation of dirt and dust over time, and providing a smaller surface area to be cleaned than traditional capping strips. UCS3 is available in 25m coils making the packaging compact and the product easy to fit.

The outcomes
Causeway Hospital and Craigavon Area Hospital were fitted with over 2,000m of floormitres, cove formers, and capping strips between July 2022 and July 2023. Sean O’Reilly, the flooring supervisor for H&J Martin, says: ‘As you can see from the finish, high quality work was made easier with floormitres.’

The profiles used have been expertly fitted by H&J Martin employees, resulting in great looking and hygienic installations for both hospitals. The floormitres, coving, and capping strips will be protecting the floorcovering for many years to come, and helping to keep the facilities safe and clean for both patients and healthcare professionals.

The Northern Trust and the Southern Trust can rest assured that H&J Martin’s professional work with Quantum Flooring’s excellent product range will help them to continue providing their vital services to the people of Northern Ireland.

Cutting Corners cove solutions are perfect for health care and pharmaceutical projects, improving the quality and standards of cap and cove, cleanroom, as well as wet-room installations.

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