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floorwise finds it easier to create fantastically quiet floors

WITH sound-reducing underlays for wood, laminate, and LVT floors, floorwise says it finds it easier to create what it describes as fantastically quiet floors.

Says the company: ‘Wood, laminate, and LVT floors may be beautiful and practical floors, but they are also noisier than their softer counterparts. Fortunately, with floorwise by their side, installers can soften the sound of footsteps – called impact sound – and reduce the buzz of background noise – airborne sound – with a range of dedicated sound-absorbing underlays.’

It continues: ‘Many ‘acoustic’ underlays struggle to deal with both types of sound, but the rubber sponge constructions of floorwise Acoustica underlays are capable of absorbing airborne as well as impact sound, something particularly true of the range topping Acoustica Gold Supreme.

‘Using a high-density rubber crumb construction, this 3.5mm thick product not only delivers impressive impact and airborne noise reduction, but also supports click joints and copes with subfloor irregularities. With a built-in moisture barrier, this really is a fantastic quality wood and laminate underlay that’s ready to take on the toughest challenge.’

The company adds: ‘For more cost-conscious wood and laminate installs, the Whisper collection provides some great options including Whisper Gold, a 5mm high-density PE underlay packed with features including 21dB impact sound, absorption of minor subfloor irregularities, cushioned support, and a built-in water vapour barrier.

‘Even Whisper basic foam underlay provides 18dB of impact noise reduction, meaning whatever the budget, you can have a quieter wood or laminate floor with floorwise.’

The popularity of LVT makes it impossible to ignore in any comprehensive collection of sound battling underlays, but with different properties to wood and laminate it needs special treatment, says floorwise.

It adds: ‘So floorwise has developed Acoustica LVT to achieve 18dB of impact sound insulation along with excellent airborne noise absorption. Its ultra-high density 1.5mm thick construction also soaks up minor subfloor imperfections without compromising joint stability.

‘With so many great acoustic underlays to choose from, there’s a great performer to fit any budget so get in touch with your floorwise distributor. With 25 branches across the UK and Ireland, there’s sure to be one locally.’
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