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Forbo Flooring Systems has launched a safety flooring range: Surestep Fast Fit.

IN response to the growing demand for flooring solutions that can be installed quickly with minimal disruption, Forbo Flooring Systems has launched an adhesive-free, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) compliant safety flooring range: Surestep Fast Fit.

Says the company: ‘Joining Forbo’s ever-expanding Fast Flooring portfolio of adhesive free solutions, Surestep Fast Fit has been designed for demanding commercial environments, where a quick turnaround and minimal disruption is required, but where slip resistance is also a priority. It’s perfect for all sectors where safety is important, including healthcare, education, retail, public buildings, and offices.’

The company continues: ‘The genuine >36 safety flooring is installed with no adhesive, which means extensive subfloor surface preparation is minimised or even eliminated, and installation is quick and easy with minimal downtime, meaning installation times can actually be reduced by up to 50%.’
Suitable for installation over various existing subfloors, including new concrete substrates of up to 97% RH, Surestep Fast Fit is installed using double sided tape and can reportedly be fitted while the building is still in use.

Forbo says: ‘Importantly, the floor can be walked on immediately after installation is complete. What’s more, the collection is also free from the usual constraints associated with adhesives such as odours, dust, or VOCs – contributing to a better indoor environment.’

Donna Hannaway, head of marketing UK and Ireland at Forbo Flooring Systems, commented: ‘We’re continually looking at ways to expand our Fast Flooring portfolio, so we’re delighted we can finally announce the launch of Surestep Fast Fit. Not only does our new range come with all the benefits of an adhesive-free solution, but it’s also available in a carefully selected palette of 12 on-trend colours and designs including contemporary neutrals, which have a speckled finish, to more modern aesthetics, such as sophisticated concrete and wood designs.

‘The latter of which are completely new to the adhesive-free safety flooring market. Several of the colourways within the collection have also been approved by the Dementia Services Design Centre (DSDC) for use within dementia-friendly settings too.’

The company continues: ‘Forbo’s Surestep Fast Fit collection also features a PUR Pearl finish, which ensures the flooring is both stain and chemical resistant, making it easy to clean and perfect for demanding commercial applications.’

It concludes: ‘There are also environmental benefits to choosing Surestep Fast Fit: Eliminating the use of adhesive means at the end of its service life, the adhesive-free floorcovering can be easily removed without damaging the subfloor, and is immediately ready for recycling. The ease of removal also allows the flooring to be reused if needed, reducing waste further.’

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