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Forbo Flooring Systems launches its new Sphera Elite collection

RECOGNISING the need for a homogeneous vinyl that delivers on performance and design, Forbo Flooring Systems says it’s delighted to announce the launch of its new Sphera Elite collection.

Inspired by nature, the new collection has been developed to transform any public space into an inviting place. At the same time, Forbo says it’s also refreshed its established Sphera Element range to provide specifiers with the largest modern colour offering available on the homogeneous vinyl market.

Says the company: ‘Forbo’s Sphera collection is designed to bring contemporary style and character to floors, particularly in demanding healthcare settings. However, it’s also suitable for use in education environments, multi-purpose modern public buildings, offices, or leisure facilities – all spaces where a combination of design and durability are key.’

It adds: ‘Drawing from nature and the popular biophilic design trend, the brand-new Sphera Elite range offers a beautiful natural, terrazzo-inspired aesthetic, which has depth of tone and colour contrast. With 18 colourways to choose from, including a range of contemporary greys, earthy tones, greens and blues, there are also four with metallic chips running throughout the design to add extra interest and a touch of luxury to the appearance. Overall, Sphera Elite has been designed to help create an intriguing and sophisticated flooring scheme, capable of transforming any area into a modern and appealing space.’

Forbo continues: ‘The existing Sphera Element range has also been revisited with this emphasis on aspirational design. As one of the original three ranges that formed the Sphera collection, when it was first launched back in 2016, it has now been enhanced and reinvigorated. Featuring a refreshed and updated colour palette, the new and improved Sphera Element range now offers the widest and most complete colour proposition in the homogeneous vinyl market, from neutral greys through to warm beiges and brighter colours. Maintaining its subtle design and low colour contrast, 30 new shades have been added, in addition to 22 of the original colourways.’

The company points out the Sphera collections have been developed and produced by Forbo’s inhouse European design team using the latest production technology. With a wide range of subtle, soft neutral tones, as well as contrasting hues and pops of colour, the Sphera collections are co-ordinated to allow all of the colours and designs to be easily combined to create fresh and inspiring interiors.

Speaking about the new Sphera collections, Karen Wilding, marketing communications manager at Forbo, said: ‘Within healthcare design, we’re seeing a growing trend to put client perception and wellbeing as one of the top priorities, helping create a softer and more relaxed environment. Biophilic design is a key part of this, strengthening the human-nature connection and bringing a more calming and homely feel to healthcare interiors.

‘All too often, homogeneous vinyl can be seen as a more functional specification choice, rather than a design-driven one. Now, with our refreshed Element and new Elite collections, we’re raising the bar. We’re offering designers, contractors, and facility managers a modern and design-orientated – yet highly functional – flooring solution, suitable for demanding healthcare settings and other commercial projects.’

Continues Forbo: ‘Safe, hygienic, and durable, Forbo’s Sphera homogeneous vinyl floor covering production process aims to avoid any unnecessary waste and minimise energy and raw material use. Any waste that may be produced from Sphera is reused in the manufacture of Forbo’s other premium products. Offering optimal performance with better dimensional stability and a uniquely embossed surface, it’s also 100% phthalate-free and low-emitting.

‘What’s more, the SMART-top surface protection provides excellent stain and scratch resistance properties with superior appearance retention, ensuring the floor looks good and performs well for years to come.’

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