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Forbo looks ahead to CDW 2023

At this year’s highly anticipated CDW, Forbo Flooring Systems will once again be opening the doors to its EC1 Showroom, located on St John Street, to visitors wanting to learn more about one of the most sustainable flooring solutions available on the market: Marmoleum.

A showcase of thousands of cutting-edge projects, CDW 2023 promises to be another exciting iteration of the UK’s leading design festival.

In a time where everyone in the built environment, from architects and designers to flooring contractors and specifiers, is looking to reduce their carbon footprint, Forbo will be showcasing its own brand of linoleum, Marmoleum, a natural flooring renowned for its durability, high-quality design and sustainability – as well as presenting its newly refreshed Marmoleum Cocoa collection.

Forbo strives to be a sustainable manufacturer and to do better for the environment by prioritising sustainable practices, like the use of renewable fuel sources and conservation of energy, aiding in the endeavour of becoming a more environmentally conscious manufacturer. Another way in which Forbo looks to achieve this goal is by manufacturing products that encompass the core ideas of sustainability, using bio-based materials to reduce their impact on the world around us. Marmoleum is one such example.

Made using 97% natural raw materials, 61% of which are rapidly renewable, such as rosin, wood flour, linseed oil, jute and limestone, Marmoleum is a true climate positive flooring in the cradle to gate phase without offsetting.

During CDW, Forbo will be showcasing its refreshed Marmoleum Cocoa collection including the new colourways being added to the range, such as Meringue and Salted Caramel.

A unique blend of Marmoleum with cocoa industry waste, Marmoleum Cocoa is an innovative and striking product. Through a process of adding cocoa husks to the traditional Marmoleum ingredients and production process, Forbo has created a unique product, in both construction and aesthetics, that further pushes the sustainability goals of the company.

A subtly flecked surface with a granular look and feel provides a fresh and modern visual, alongside dirt hiding properties. Not only this, but Marmoleum Cocoa embraces the ethos of sustainable design, by not only repurposing the waste materials from another industry to improve recycling and contribute to a better environment, but also by being the first Marmoleum range to include End of Life recycled Marmoleum product.

Visitors to the showroom will have the chance to learn more about this product and why it’s so sustainable, including a hands-on look at the ingredients used to make it.

Chris Rand from Forbo spoke about the upcoming CDW showcase, saying: ‘In today’s market, sustainability is no longer limited to certain projects, it’s applicable industry wide and is an area the whole sector needs to improve in, with more sustainable products and choices. With flooring such a large surface area of any project, choosing greener products here can make a huge difference environmentally. This is where our Marmoleum floor coverings shine, for this reason it’s a range we’re very proud of.

‘At Forbo we can’t wait for CDW 2023 and we’d really encourage professionals to visit our showroom to see what we have to offer. We really want to showcase our Marmoleum floorcovering and demonstrate what we’re doing to reduce our own environmental impact.

‘Visitors to our showroom can expect to learn about our refreshed Marmoleum Cocoa collection as well as getting a sneak peek at some of the new colourways we’re adding to the range. Not only this, but they can also pick-up some chocolate themed giveaways in the spirit of cocoa!’

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