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GenieMat RST by Pliteq: The gamechanger in acoustic underlay

IN a world where the din of daily life often breaches the comfort of our spaces, superior acoustic performance is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. Meet GenieMat RST, which Pliteq describes as the gamechanger in acoustic underlay, offering ‘top-tier acoustic performance but also unrivalled compatibility, sustainability, while also saving you money on your next project’.

Pliteq’s acoustic underlays lead the market with their exceptional performance metrics, says the company. ‘Whether you choose the 2mm offering that delivers ∆Lw 20dB, the 3mm option that boasts ∆Lw 21dB, or the 5mm version promising ∆Lw 23dB, all under LVT/vinyl plank, Pliteq ensures you experience calm and quiet in your daily spaces, regardless of the chaos outside. But sound attenuation is only the start.’

The company continues: ‘With Pliteq, you’re investing in a product that’s compatible with all floorcoverings. Be it LVT, laminates, hardwood, carpet or even tiles, GenieMat RST underlays are equally at home, providing matched warranties across all floorcoverings. This flexibility liberates you from material restrictions, granting you the freedom to choose the flooring that best complements your space.

‘For those with underfloor heating systems, Pliteq stands as the perfect partner. Our underlays have been meticulously engineered to work seamlessly with underfloor heating, ensuring you experience the comfort of warm floors without compromise on acoustic performance.’

Yet, where Pliteq truly stands apart is in our commitment to sustainable practices, it says. ‘With a composition of 94% recycled materials, our whole product range embodies the ethos of eco-responsibility. We’ve made it our mission to provide premium products that tread lightly on our planet. This commitment is affirmed by our EPD (environmental product declaration) certificate, proof that we walk our talk when it comes to sustainability.

‘Our work speaks for itself. Our project references and pictures reflect the vast range of applications where our superior underlays have enhanced spaces, offering tranquillity and eco-friendliness. From commercial buildings to residential complexes, Pliteq underlays have proven their merit time and again.’

The company concludes: ‘At Pliteq, we believe superior sound should never come at an inflated cost or indeed the cost of sustainability or adaptability. As we continue to innovate, we promise to deliver products that respect your peace, your space, and also our planet.’

For more information or to explore Pliteq’s range of products, use the below contact details.
0203 9846444

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