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Gradus Mat-in-a-Box revolutionises installation, durability, and design

GRADUS, a manufacturer and supplier of entrance matting systems, says it has a game-changing product in its line-up, Mat-in-a-Box.

Says the company: ‘This modular barrier matting system, which is supplied in individual sections, clips together onsite for quick, easy and cost-effective assembly. Mat-in-a-Box can be installed in a matwell or surface mounted and the modular system is designed to provide an effective barrier against dirt, moisture, and other contaminants that are often tracked into buildings causing damage to adjacent floorcoverings and increasing the risk of slips trips and falls.’

Gradus continues: ‘Many commercial buildings opt to use simple throw down matting, which underperform on appearance and are prone to bunching or curling, causing additional trip hazards. On a wet UK day they often fail in high traffic areas, as moisture is not absorbed effectively. Gradus hybrid barrier matting system Mat-in-a-Box enables busy workplaces, schools, and commercial buildings to have confidence in the performance of their matting and achieve a sleek and modern design.’

A significant advantage of Mat-in-a-Box is its ease of installation, says Gradus. ‘Unlike other entrance matting systems, which can be time-consuming and require specialised tools, Mat-in-a-Box can be easily installed on site in a shorter time frame. Simply cut and trim the matting strips to size and click them into place. This makes it an ideal solution for busy commercial environments, where time is of the essence.’

The company continues: ‘Mat-in-a-Box 5000 and 6000 are also incredibly durable. Made from high-quality 100% ECONYL Regenerated solution dyed nylon and a PVC-u base, it’s designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and trolley traffic, tested to withstand weights of 100kg per wheel (400kg over four wheels) to 30,000 passes.’

In addition, the product has been tested for slip-resistance using the HSL ramp test and achieves a low risk of slip, says Gradus, adding that it’s also resistant to staining and fading, ensuring it maintains its appearance over time. This combination reportedly creates an ideal solution for a wide range of settings, from schools and hospitals to retail stores and office buildings.

‘Mat-in-a-Box is also customisable to suit the specific needs of a project. The product is available in 12mm and 18mm thicknesses and various wiper and base colours, to complement any design scheme. As mentioned, it can be used in matwells as well as being surface mounted, making this a highly versatile product able to meet various onsite needs. Confident in the performance of Mat-in-a-Box Gradus back this product with a five-or-seven-year manufacturer’s warranty, depending on the product specification,’ says Gradus.

‘Of course, Mat-in-a-Box is just one of many barrier matting products that Gradus has to offer. The company’s extensive range of entrance matting systems includes primary barrier matting such as Esplanade, and secondary barrier matting such as Boulevard. With extensive experience in the industry, Gradus has a solution for every entrance, exit and in-between area.’

Gradus Esplanade 9000 is a primary entrance barrier mat constructed from rubber wipers and aluminium scraper linking strips which are held together with galvanised steel wires. The rubber wipers are available plain or interwoven with grey polyester fibres giving options for interior and exterior applications. Esplanade 9000 is available in 12mm and 18mm thicknesses, open or closed construction and in a single or double wiper configuration. It’s reportedly tested to withstand weights of 250kg per wheel (1000kg over four wheels) to a minimum of 30,000 passes. It’s also tested for flammability and slip-resistance. Esplanade 9000 can be manufactured to most shapes subject to approval of a template and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Gradus Boulevard 6000 is a tufted cut pile, high performance barrier matting manufactured from 100% ECONYL Regenerated solution-dyed nylon. It incorporates a heavy scraper fibre for optimum dirt removal and offers excellent moisture retention properties. It’s suitable for use in most interior contract environments including retail, education, healthcare and commercial office. It can also be used as a wiper option in some Esplanade primary entrance matting.

Boulevard 6000 is available in 2m sheet with impervious PVC backing as well as 500x500mm tile options, both options offer a 10-year wear warranty.

Says Gradus: ‘Gradus Mat-in-a-Box is an innovative, game-changing product when it comes to entrance matting. Its ease of installation, durability, and cost effectiveness make it an ideal solution for a wide range of environments. Additionally, its customisation options make it suitable for any project needs. With Gradus’ extensive range of barrier matting products, you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible solution for your flooring needs. Whether you’re in the healthcare, retail, or education sector, Gradus matting can help you maintain a clean and safe environment while complementing your design scheme.’

For further details or to request a copy of the matting catalogue ring the number below.
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