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Harvey Maria launches ‘stylish new retail point of sale’

HARVEY MARIA will be adding a brand-new Design Studio to their point-of-sale portfolio. The new display will appeal to retailers looking for an exclusive luxury vinyl tile offering for their customers, says the company. The design is flexible and can be scaled up or down depending on the retailer’s available space and existing Harvey Maria displays. The display is said by the company to showcase Harvey Maria’s award-winning MSeries collection of authentic wood effect LVT, including its brand-new Croft Oak range, which just launched in February.

Easy to use for the retailer and customer, the Design Studio is said to create a destination in a store. Incorporating an intuitive customer journey designed to maximise engagement and optimise retailer sales, the customer can shop the collection by colour, shade, and price. The main display presents wood effects, with ‘best-in-class realism’ and natural touch, plus a versatile choice of plank, herringbone and parquet (Natural Oak, Natural Plank & Hurst Collections). The 26 wood and stone effect free-standing, double-sided boards showcase 52 Skus, providing total flexibility to browse the collections in-store, place on the floor, or take out on a home visit. Harvey Maria offers local territories and display rebates to all its retail partners.

The Design Studio display is described by the company to act as a hub which works best when incorporated with the Harvey Maria design table and toast rack stand of 10 exclusive Design Series pattern boards, showcasing 22 designs. This provides a handy display table with sampling for all 52 pattern designs. Alternatively, it can be tailored to suit the retailer’s individual needs and used to incorporate existing Harvey Maria displays.

‘The fabulous new retail display not only provides the perfect showcase for all our natural wood and stone effect collections, but it’s also been optimised for an enhanced customer experience that’s designed to maximise sales conversions for our retail partners’, explains Harvey Maria’s founder, Mark Findlay. ‘It’s the perfect new home for our stylish new Croft Oak collection, which has achieved the highest eco-credentials held by our MSeries collection, at an affordable price, reflecting the twin priorities of our customers. Croft Oak is recognised for its low impact on the environment in all aspects – production process, product composition, emissions and indoor air quality and sustainable construction.’
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