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Heavy-duty safety flooring for commercial kitchens with unmatched slip resistance and hygienic features

POLYFLOR, a UK manufacturer of commercial and residential vinyl flooring, has announced the launch of Polysafe Apex 55. This specialist, heavy-duty 3mm safety flooring is designed for commercial kitchens and food production environments where the risk of high viscosity contamination – such as oil, grease, and margarine – is present.

Engineered for optimum sustainable slip resistance, Polysafe Apex 55 reportedly has the highest Pendulum Test rating, achieving 55+ in wet conditions and achieving an R12 ramp test result.

The range features two new colourways, enhancing the collection to eight shades, including Sandstone, a soft beige decoration, and Basanite, described as a popular shade of grey.

Tom Rollo, UK and international marketing director, commented: ‘Designed to be a practical choice for contractors and specifiers alike, the new Polysafe Apex 55 collection has been specifically engineered to offer underfoot protection against high viscosity contaminants, providing sustainable slip resistance for the guaranteed life of the product.’

In addition to experiencing everyday spillages, commercial kitchens are subject to particles of evaporated cooking oil that, when cooled, coat the floor with a dangerous, slippery layer of film. As this film needs regular removal via cleaning, it requires a floorcovering which is hygienic, slip-resistant and low-maintenance.

Specifying Polysafe Apex 55 flooring reportedly minimises the risk of staff injuries, as well as providing the added security of reliable, sustainable slip resistance.

Says the company: ‘Polysafe Apex 55 offers the perfect alternative to the ceramic tiles often found within commercial kitchen environments. Grout-free and thermally welded for a 100% impervious finish, the flooring provides a hygienic solution which can be used in conjunction with all good uPVC sheet cladding systems, creating a floor-to-wall surface that provides an excellent barrier to dirt and infection.’
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