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High-performing and easy-to-clean as well as stain and scratch-resistant safety floor

A SAFETY floor described by Altro as high-performing and easy-to-clean as well as stain- and scratch-resistant, robust and looks good sounds too good to be true. But, says the company, it is true, thanks to the ‘new improved’ Altro Suprema.

Says the company: ‘Launched in autumn 2022, this improved iteration of Altro Suprema – an established and trusted product developed by the original inventors of safety flooring – addresses many of the challenges that customers have highlighted in the past. And its innovation showcases the skills and knowledge of Altro’s commercial and technical experts.

‘It’s a great looking product that will enhance any front-of-house space, but its performance makes it a particularly strong choice for education and healthcare environments where potential risks are high. Imagine a floor subject to hundreds of children’s stomping feet or constant trolley traffic – that’s Altro Suprema.

‘We’ve tested its cleanability against contaminants like iodine and poster paint and we can confidently report that it outperforms its competitors. If you spill one of these on even the palest of Suprema shades, you’ll be able to wipe it clean with barely a trace left behind. So, as well as being safe and robust, it’s easy to look after – all factors that will save you money in the long run.’

The company continues: ‘Altro Suprema is now available in a choice of more than 30 stylish colours, ranging from pale neutrals to vivid pinks and blues. The colour range was developed to reflect contemporary interior design trends, and to meet the challenge of designing for diverse spaces. Being low sparkle and low gloss, it will work in spaces people with neurodiverse needs, where the focus is on creating calm, distraction-free environments.

‘New Altro Suprema is already being well received in the market. This is a floor that combines a slip-resistant surface (+36 PTV) with class-leading stain and scuff resistance, and with an improved resistance to dirt pick-up.’

As installations of the new range increase, its performance results are speaking for themselves, says Altro, adding: ‘Take a look at this great example of the new Suprema at work.’

Case study
At Sheffield Children’s Hospital, new Altro Suprema has been installed in the busy atrium area. In the main reception and entrance area, the old linoleum floor had not worn well. The colour had faded and it had been damaged by furniture, foot and wheeled traffic. So, it was time for a new floor.
It’s a busy space, with shops and food and drink outlets, where a steady flow of visitors and hospital workers are sometimes treading from outside into the area, bringing an increased risk of slips and trips to patients, visitors, carers and staff.

James Lines, a project manager at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust championed Altro products for the hospital’s entrance area and specifically recommended Altro Suprema for its safety and durability.

He said: ‘About 1,200 people pass through the area every week, to get to the outpatients departments, treatment areas, wards, care and surgery areas, laboratories, and restaurants and dining areas. So, we needed a robust solution.’

They chose Altro Suprema. It was installed at the hospital over two weekends, with one weekend being allowed for preparation. James was impressed with how easy it was to install and said: ‘The installation went well and was very quick, limiting disruption to the area.’

His colleague Jamie Douglas, the senior capital projects manager at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust added: ‘Another benefit to having an Altro floor is that a specialist cleaning product is not required. They clean quickly – a great benefit as the area is so busy, we cannot close it for long periods of time.’

He’s been very happy with the choice of Altro Suprema, saying: ‘The performance is great. We prefer the look to the previous products that were installed. More than 1,200 people pass through the area in a week and there are no issues with marks or stains, it cleans well, and looks great.’
And is equally satisfied with the team from Altro: ‘Altro is always there when we need support.’

Concludes Altro: ‘Altro Suprema: Available in a range of stylish colours reflecting contemporary trends, this non-sparkle, low-gloss safety flooring has superior stain, abrasion, and scratch resistance, making it great for busy classrooms, hospital wards, corridors, and critical hygiene areas. The new Altro Suprema incorporates Altro Easyclean technology, so it’s low maintenance – saving you time and cleaning costs. It’s suitable for very heavy commercial use, foot, and wheeled traffic.’

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