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How to avoid issues when installing a new floor with Tilemaster Adhesives

ONE of the most important parts of installing a new floor is ensuring the subfloor is in a fit state to receive the covering. It should be sound, dry, clean and smooth or the finished flooring will have problems which can vary from problems with the appearance to debonding and complete failure. The way to avoid such issues is to properly prepare the surface.

Screeds should be checked for humidity and a dampproof membrane (DPM) applied where it’s found to be more than 75% RH.

Tilemaster FAST One Coat DPM is suitable for use on a wide range of substrates including concrete, sand/ cement screeds and calcium sulphate screeds, according to the company, which adds: ‘It’s fast-curing and ready to receive smoothing compounds in between 4-5 hours. Where the substrate is rough or uneven, it should be pre-smoothed before applying the DPM.’

Tilemaster Super Flow 30 is reportedly moisture-tolerant and suitable for use under a DPM. An additional coat should be applied over the Tilemaster FAST One Coat DPM once it’s cured.

On dry screeds which simply need to be smoothed or levelled, a smoothing compound should be applied after priming.

The company says: ‘Tilemaster Primeplus is designed to prime, stabilise, and seal substrates prior to the application of self-levelling compounds and Prime+ Grip is a ready mixed, ready to use, rapid drying primer that can be used on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates and provides a textured ‘+ Grip’ surface.

‘Tilemaster Super Flow 30 is an ultra-rapid setting and drying, high performance double component smoothing compound which can be used from depths of 2mm to 15mm in one application, over a wide variety of substrates including flooring grade bitumen and asphalt, existing vinyl and ceramic tiles.’

The company concludes: ‘You can learn how to use Tilemaster Super Flow 30 and the other products mentioned here on one of the regular free training days held at the Kerakoll Campus. The next dates are coming up on 8 June, 6 July, and 10 August (for Irish customers only). Ring the number below or email training@tilemasteradhesives.co.uk to book today.’
01772 456831

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