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Husqvarna Hipertrowel rejuvenates large warehouse

A 50,000sq m floor of a recently vacated warehouse needed restoring back to a useable state, in order for the property to be let to potential new occupiers. The floor had many flaws, but the main issue was the dirt, paint, and resin that had been previously laid following years of occupancy that required removal and bringing back to a respectable state.

The owner wanted a dust-free, presentable, easy to maintain floor that would be attractive to prospective new tenants, raising potential rent revenues. The problem was the size of the project and the timescales involved. Traditional methods would simply be too costly or take too long due to the sheer scale of the project.

Solution provider
Traditional grinding would take many weeks and be very costly, a resin solution would require long preparation time and not last the test of time, likely needing replacing in just a few years. A faster and more permanent solution was required.

Husqvarna in partnership with one of its key distributers, Concrete Services and Supplies (CSS), deemed Husqvarna Hipertrowel as the perfect solution to address the issues faced on this project.

Husqvarna Hipertrowel supplied by CSS is a wet polishing system using ride on power trowels equipped with specially designed and patented diamond grinding and polishing pads beneath.

The innovation created with the new Husqvarna metal pads can grind up to 5,000sq m per day, solving the time restraints and ensuring this building would be ready to rent quickly. The finish being a very hard, dust-free environment that has significant aesthetic and more importantly environmental virtues.

CSS and Husqvarna supported all the way through the project, ensuring professional advice was always on hand. Using ride on trowels and the Hipertrowel system, a six step process was followed, that included full preparation and removal of all previous coverings, dirt, oil, and paint, followed by honing and then polishing pads.

During this process Husqvarna Cure K densifier was used to close the concrete surface and create a hardened layer that was then polished. Husqvarna Premium Guard SB was the final step – this is an impregnating sealer that won’t erode due to its technical properties providing significant water repellence and protection to the surface.

Fast polishing of large concrete floors
After six weeks the result was a polished concrete floor that will last the lifetime of the building if maintained correctly, and the landlord was delighted. This process also removes the need to replace costly resin floors on a four or five year cycle.

The gloss readings alone were impressive and would challenge any traditional polished concrete floor, giving both beauty and practicality in abundance with the material that was already there.

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