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InstaGroup develop specialist innovations for sports flooring

ONE of the most important objectives in sports and gym flooring is the ability to deliver a complete solution. From acoustic subfloor to finished rubber or vinyl floor surface, today’s architects and designers want an ‘all-in-one’ flooring solution that’s sustainably made and already tested to meet the highest standards.

Being at the centre of acoustic systems design for the past 30 years, InstaGroup says it knows this well. With what it describes as its extensive experience in the construction industry, InstaGroup says it understands how to put together a complete solution with its ‘high quality, high performing acoustic floor, wall and ceiling systems.

‘It’s this in-depth acoustic knowledge and technical know-how that drew InstaGroup to develop specialist innovations for sports flooring, including their Pro-Sports undercarriage and new range of acoustic flooring solutions for gyms and fitness areas’.

‘A winning combination’
InstaGroup’s new gym flooring range reportedly offers solutions for the different zones within fitness facilities, including cardio and free weights areas. This, the company says, gives architects a full
and flexible selection of acoustically tested flooring products that can meet the various requirements of gym environments. ‘The range is especially useful when exercise spaces share a building with offices, retailers or residential accommodation.’

‘Taking the lead’
Says the company: ‘It’s surprising to know there are currently no specific regulations regarding sound insulation for gym and fitness facilities. However, there has been much discussion in the industry on how to approach best practice in acoustic design. The result is a new draught document on gym acoustics guidance, which sets out valuable information on gym design. It also covers how best to test acoustic floors for these types of environments.’

It continues: ‘As an industry leader, InstaGroup followed this new guidance diligently when testing its flooring solutions for gym and fitness applications. The subsequent results and acoustic data from ‘real world’ testing conditions will give consultants and architects extra confidence in the performance of these acoustic flooring systems.’

‘Meeting every challenge’
The company adds: ‘InstaGroup wanted to test its new flooring solutions to the limit, which meant devising new ways of testing. This was particularly key when testing its unique isolating floating floor system, which is designed for free weights and cardio applications.

‘Fitness activities such as these generate impact energy that can easily travel through a building’s infrastructure, disturbing other tenants or businesses in the building. A safe technique was developed for dropping heavy weights onto the specialised gym flooring system, and it proved its ability to isolate and absorb the impact sound. As well as performing acoustically, InstaGroup’s system also demonstrated its robustness against the repetitive, intense energy shocks of dropped weights.’

‘A complete winner’
Alongside its new acoustic flooring systems, InstaGroup has introduced what it describes as innovative magnetic flooring solutions into its gym and fitness range.

‘Versatile, adhesive-free floorcoverings are available for cardio zones, spinning rooms and dance studios as an attractive and contrasting addition to the traditional rubber gym surface. These high performing floor finishes use patented magnetic technology with added resilience, providing further options for different exercise areas.’

Fit for the future
The company concludes: ‘Products such as InstaGroup’s adhesive-free gym flooring meet the growing need in our industry to minimise waste and reuse materials. With no glue contamination, a magnetic floor system can be taken up easily if needed and re-used in other locations, instead of being recycled or sent to landfill.

‘InstaGroup has a strong environmental commitment, and many of its flooring systems and products are already manufactured using recycled materials. But as architects and designers increasingly seek to specify ‘greener’ and more sustainable solutions, creating flooring that is not only recyclable but also re-usable could definitely be the future.’

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