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INTRAsystems pioneering new products for the entrance matting industry

INTRAsystems says it’s been re-engineering and pioneering new products for the entrance matting industry since 1977. Last year saw the launch of INTRAlink2, a closed construction, interlocking tile, manufactured from 100% recycled PVC to hit performance specs on a budget. Here, in the company’s words, is why this new product should be on your list of preferred supply options:
Protects your profit margins.

Competitive pricing is especially important on open-spec and refurbishment entrance matting projects. So, it’s notable INTRA boosted its range of budget-friendly product options in 2022. Compared with other PVC systems, INTRAlink2 is highly competitive while also offering the benefit of being 100% recycled. This, alongside efficient delivery and installation, helps protect your profit margins on value-engineered projects.

Delivered quickly and installed at speed.

Flooring contractors and mat installers were at the centre of the product development process, so it’s no surprise INTRA is already reporting record install times, as well as reduced customer downtime. INTRAlink2 is available off-the-shelf and delivered in easy-to-manage boxes weighing just 10.7kg, making logistics and onsite handling a breeze. The product arrives pre-connected in sets of four tiles, (0.25sq m panels) which are then simply knocked together to quickly cover the matwell and create a robust entrance mat.

Tools you have in your kit anyway.

Interlocking, modular tiles are easy to cut to shape with a sharp knife. The only other tool required is a rubber mallet to help set the adjoining tiles securely into place. Any flooring fitter would be able to fit INTRAlink2 confidently using just these basic tools, which most carry as part of their standard kit anyway.

Simple preparation.

All that’s needed is a smooth level matwell base 12mm below the finished floor level that the INTRAlink2 tiles are placed directly onto. As with any installation, good subfloor preparation is as important as the quality of the entrance mat itself, to ensure snag-free usage.

Builds your reputation.

A flooring contractor’s reputation is vital to win new contracts and repeat business. This means you need to partner with proactive manufacturers who offer good quality, reliable products. INTRAsystems works closely with the flooring trade, listening to their feedback and developing entrance matting products to meet their needs. INTRAlink2 is just such an example. This matting tile was designed in direct response to contractor and end-user feedback, which means you can be confident the product will be easy to work with and perform reliably over the long term.

Supports your service levels
Level of service is often one of the highest-rated criteria for subcontractor selection on a project. Knowing the products in your supply chain are supported by equally high customer service standards gives you peace of mind and confidence going into every job. INTRAlink2 is manufactured by INTRAsystems in the UK and available from stock for immediate delivery. INTRA has built an enviable reputation based on its short lead times, speed and accuracy of deliveries, quick response times and getting every order detail right first time.

Propose a ‘green’ product with 100% confidence
As the industry continues to move towards the supply of more ‘green’ products and prioritising sustainability, having a strong eco-friendly offering to put forward for projects is key. INTRAlink2 is a leading product in terms of its carbon footprint across a service life of five years, as verified by the International EPD system.

  • 52.1kg of CO2 equivalent per m2 produced from raw material supply to manufacture
  • 100% recycled PVC modular interlocking tiles
  • 100% recycled ECONYL fibre inserts (recycled fishing nets)
  • PVC-free backing available with INTRAlux Ultimate fibre insert option
  • Through regeneration contracts, INTRA achieves an average 98% recovery rate.
  • All inserts are recyclable

    Suitable for many applications
    Whatever your project, INTRAlink2 is a great all-rounder, suitable for most commercial entrance matting applications. The dense construction of the recycled PVC tile and solid connectors offer outstanding performance and product integrity under the most demanding conditions, even with high point loading.

    Quality fibre inserts cover 95% of the tile, maximising dirt and moisture removal while giving optimum performance regardless of traffic flow direction. Finally, INTRA boasts a range of 21 colours, giving you plenty of scope for creativity and matching other interior finishes.

    Quality of finish you’ll take pride in
    The best flooring fitters take a great deal of pride in their workmanship and a job well done. The excellent quality of finish you get from INTRAlink2 won’t disappoint. Its impact on the look, feel and safety of a building was neatly summed up by a Waitrose store manager following their recent installation – ‘The quality of the INTRAlink2 surface is leagues above the incumbent matting and looks to serve us well, particularly in wetter weather’

    Already peer approved
    ‘We are impressed with INTRAlink2. The cleaning potential of the textile format is very appealing… All in all, a very good product’

    ‘I really like this INTRAlink2 tile. The system looks really nice and was much easier to cut down with a Stanley knife than other products… We glued it down and it stuck really well. The team like it a lot’

    With INTRAlink2, not only do you get a brilliant product for an amazing price, but this can be another workstream you add to your portfolio of services. Entrance matting needn’t be an area you avoid covering.
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