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IVC Commercial’s Isafe 70: The ultimate choice for safe and stylish flooring in education

‘WITH better performance and a more natural look’, IVC Commercial’s Isafe 70 is the ‘ultimate heterogeneous vinyl floor for education projects’, says the company.

It says: ‘Now with a better natural look, improved 42+ and R12 slip-restraint, and Sanitec antibacterial protection, the improved Isafe 70 collection from IVC Commercial brings a high-quality look from a reassuringly safe surface underfoot.

‘An ideal solution for schools, colleges and other commercial locations demanding a hardwearing floor that not only performs faultlessly but looks fantastic, the new Isafe 70 collection owes its newfound performance to enhanced Hypergrip+.’

IVC continues: ‘Not only giving impressive R12 and 42+ slip-restraint, the improved coating also has a matt appearance with crystal clear definition and avoids telltale sparkle. The result is simply, a safety floor that looks more natural.

‘For each of the 26 designs available in Isafe 70, including natural wood, concrete and terrazzo, Hypergrip+ also means easier maintenance for minimal dirt build-up and stain and scratch resistance. Combined with a 0.70mm wearlayer for heavy duty use, Isafe 70 is a heterogeneous vinyl floor that’s made to last. Coping with high levels of footfall in corridors, receptions, classrooms and more, its added Sanitec antibacterial treatment brings an extra layer of protection.’

Adds the company: ‘Isafe 70 is designed and efficiently made in Belgium for a high-quality heterogeneous vinyl floor. All production waste is recycled at IVC Commercial’s own recycling facility as backing for other floors and Isafe 70 can be taken back after use through the manufacturer’s ReCover recycling programme.’

You can find Isafe 70 stocked at distributors across the UK and Ireland.

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