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Junckers is launching 2K EcoProtect Oil

JUNCKERS is launching 2K EcoProtect Oil, a newly developed formula which it says offers enhanced protection for the floor and for the environment with faster drying time, with just one coat.

2K EcoProtect Oil is Junckers’ latest addition to its range of floor surface treatments and maintenance products. As well as Clear, 2K EcoProtect Oil is available in White, Black, Driftwood Grey, Nordic and Dark Coco. All six shades reportedly add a rich finish to wooden floors, enhancing the natural beauty of the timber.

Say the company: ‘The new oil can be used with or without hardener. Adding hardener provides deep protection and enhanced durability for any wooden floor. Usually, only one coat is needed, reducing time onsite and making the job cost-effective. The floor will be ready to use in eight hours.

‘Treated floors are easy to maintain and as with all Junckers’ oil products, 2K EcoProtect Oil is ideal for spot treatment – there’s no need to treat the whole floor if only one part of it becomes worn.

It is also possible to use the oil as a primer and over coat it with one of Junckers range of water-based lacquers such as Strong or HP Commercial.

‘In common with Junckers environmental policies, 2K EcoProtect Oil is good for the environment, making substantial use of vegetable based oils in its formulation along with low VOCs (max 4%) and 97% solids content.’
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