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KERACEM Eco is a hydraulic binder for high-performance screeds and heat-radiant slabs

KERACEM Eco from Kerakoll is a hydraulic binder for high-performance screeds and heat-radiant slabs. When mixed with sand, this product reportedly produces screeds that are compatible with any type of finished flooring including hardwood, resilient materials, PVC, carpets, ceramic tiles and natural stone.

Since it was first launched in 2005, tens of millions of bags have been produced which have been used to lay hundreds of millions of metres squared of screeds and it’s now sold in more than 62 countries throughout the world.

Says Kerakoll: ‘It’s a normal setting, rapid drying product with improved workability and a pot-life of up to three hours making life easier when laying, and the high-performance cements included minimise the amount of the product needed to bind the screed. The product is ready for foot traffic after about eight hours, tiling after only 24 hours and laying of LVT, sheet vinyl and hardwood floors after five days, allowing fast completion of the site.’

It continues: ‘Keracem Eco’s high levels of performance are made possible by an optimised water/cement ratio and the fact it compensates for hygrometric shrinkage reducing the formation of surface cracks. The binder also compacts easily giving the finished screed excellent thermal conductivity and making it ideal for use with radiant heating and cooling systems. Finally, in common with all Kerakoll products, it’s been developed to be as eco-friendly as possible while still offering exceptional performance values.’

The hydraulic binder is classified as GEV Emicode EC1 R Plus meaning it has very low VOC emissions and can be recycled as an inert mineral material at the end of its life reducing its environmental impact.

The Tilemaster Adhesives – Kerakoll Group team offers technical advice and support during the specification process and onsite. Contact them to discuss your project.
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