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LEISTER’s new GROOVER 500-LP battery-operated floor groover

LEISTER’s new GROOVER 500-LP battery-operated floor groover reportedly saves time onsite by eliminating the need to find power points and carry cable reels and extension cables with you, while also removing potential trip hazards from the mess of cables.

The GROOVER 500-LP includes two batteries so the other can be charged while one battery is in use, reportedly minimising downtime and enabling a trouble-free switch from one room to the next.
The GROOVER 500-LP uses a geometrically designed general-purpose milling cutter to mill grooves for weld seams and joints when laying resilient floorcoverings made of plastic (PVC, PE, PUR) and natural materials (linoleum, rubber), reportedly eliminating the need to switch milling cutters when moving to different floorcoverings.

Says the company: ‘Leister also offers a cutter tipped with polycrystalline diamond, for milling safety floorcoverings as used in wet cells, industrial kitchens and on public transport. Easily and safely change a dulled cutter blade by depressing the spindle lock button and using the hex key wrench attached to the tool.

‘The GROOVER 500-LP gives you adjustable and constant groove depth from 0-6mm, even on uneven floors, thanks to the sensing roller. The side stop for grooving along a guide rail is very useful when grooving a floorcovering without butt joints, or for repair jobs or when you need to mill grooves with markings or reference lines in the floorcovering. The LED light illuminates the grooving area, making it easier to work in rooms with little light.’

The dust tube is rotatable and reportedly allows you to cut grooves along walls or other objects as close as 25mm. This is apparently particularly useful when the floor has cushioned-edge profiles and shaped base mouldings such as flooring in hospitals, industrial kitchens, and areas with strict hygiene requirements. ‘The GROOVER 500-LP can be easily connected to a vacuum cleaner using the adapter included, reducing contamination from spreading dust particles or chips, while also eliminating the need to clean debris out of the grooves before they are welded. No more shouting to your workmates: the GROOVER 500-LP features a low maintenance, brushless motor, which is significantly quieter than mains-powered grooving machines.’

The company continues: ‘Cordless, powerful, reliable – that’s your new Leister GROOVER 500-LP. Developed by Leister – the leading name in plastic welding applications, the Groover 500-LP is supplied to the UK by Welwyn Tool Group. Welwyn supply the full range of Leister plastic welding and industrial process heat equipment and offers highly competent technical support by their team of dedicated engineers.’
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