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LeoLine’s new brand transforms cushion vinyl market, boosting sales at Solo Flooring Centre

WITH a 28-year history of selling floors to the community of Birmingham, Solo Flooring Centre is one retailer to benefit from LeoLine’s new brand as it sets out to make cushion vinyl the floor people want.

With the launch of its brand identity earlier this year, LeoLine has been at the forefront of developing the residential cushion vinyl market and transforming the reputation of the floor as a choice that’s not only great value, but one that’s also design-focused and ready for today’s style conscious homeowner.

Mark Collis, Solo Flooring Centre, has been impressed by the rejuvenated brand: ‘The new LeoLine has certainly become our ‘go to’ stand for cushion vinyl. People either come in asking for it directly or are looking for something that’s affordable and which offers the natural looks and practical advantages of LVT. Not only has the new brand given our cushion vinyl offer a new lease-of-life, the update in wood and other designs have also made everything more appealing.

‘LeoLine’s design diversity shouldn’t be underestimated, as we tend to find people are more likely to experiment with their floor as its price point makes it feel less of risk. It’s good to be able to offer a really wide choice – from classic oak and herringbone right through to adventurous tile designs and concrete looks – there’s certainly something for every personality and it’s a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms.’

Concludes LeoLine: ‘Solo Flooring Centre’s updated stand is just the first step in LeoLine’s journey to be the number one choice in cushion vinyl for UK homes. The company revealed a new premium retailer concept, including an entirely new display, at September’s The Flooring Show and will be launching more new collections early in 2024.’
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