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LION Floor underlay provides ‘reliability’ on every installation

THE quality and consistency of LION FLOOR fabricated underlay delivers a base for a high-quality and lasting luxury vinyl installation time after time, says LION Floor.

For contractors and installers working with luxury vinyl flooring on a regular basis, the need for a well-prepared subfloor is only too well known. With failure costly and damaging, being able to eliminate risk at every stage of the floor’s installation is crucial to a reliable luxury vinyl floor.

The company says: ‘Reliability is one of LION Floor’s strengths. The dense board is resistant to impacts and the construction eliminates the problems that come with the core gaps and overlaps found in plywood. It’s a fast and effective way to deliver a resilient floor installation.’

LION Floor is a pre-conditioned engineered fibreboard that’s made in Finland from locally sourced and highly sustainable wood by-products to be an alternative to BS 8203 compliant plywood. Unlike other oil-tempered hardboards, it doesn’t need wetting before installation and is ready to receive screeds and feather compounds. Fitting LION Floor is described by the company to be simple, as it can be cut with a knife or saw and is laid in the same way as plywood.

LION Floor adds: ‘The fibreboard has been rigorously tested to make sure it lives up to its promises. Testing reliability with screeds, smoothing compounds and adhesives from major manufacturers, Europe’s largest independent training centre, FloorSkills, passed LION Floor with flying colours. It’s now among the centre’s recommended boards for laying under stick down LVT, selected click LVT and sheet vinyl.

As well as recognised by FloorSkills and the CFA as suitable for the correct installation of resilient flooring in line with BS 8203:2017 installation of resilient floorcoverings, LION Floor is now also recommended by Bostik as suitable for use with its Cempolay primer and self-levelling compound system.’

LION Floor is said to be the first hardboard panel to be designed and manufactured specifically for the flooring industry.

It’s also reportedly one of a small number of fabricated underlays which can be used for LVT and other resilient floor coverings that meets British Standards and CFA guidance.

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