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Mapei introduces fast-track solution for flooring in moisture-affected areas with Mapeproof Primer and Latexplan Trade Fast

INSTALLING flooring in areas affected by residual moisture can be challenging, in terms of application and productivity.

Mapei says it provides the solution, with fast-track combo Mapeproof Primer and Latexplan Trade Fast. Used in tandem, the primer and levelling compound can reportedly accept light foot traffic after three hours and bonded floorcoverings can be installed the same day.

Says the company: ‘Mapeproof Primer is a one-component, ready-to-use system used to provide a waterproof surface membrane. It can be used on moisture-resistant non-heated substrates with a RH value of 95% and heated screeds with RH values up to 85%.

‘Upon drying, it creates a waterproof surface membrane onto which Latexplan Trade Fast can be applied between 2-5 hours, once the primer is dry. Mapeproof Primer has a PVDC-based dispersion formulation and EMICODE ECI Plus (very low emissions) and Blauer Engel – DE-UZ 113 certification. Easy to apply with a roller, it is also colour pigmented to help achieve uniform coverage and additional primer/sprinkling sand isn’t required with subsequent levelling compounds.

‘Two-component Latexplan Trade Fast is a rapid curing, moisture tolerant levelling and smoothing compound. It can be used to smooth concrete floors, cement-based screeds, Mapei Mapecem and Topcem screeds, as well as existing concrete, terrazzo, ceramic tile and natural stone floors. It can also be used over most adhesive residues, including bitumen.’

The company continues: ‘The versatile screed is protein-free and low odour; it provides very high compressive strength of 32N/sq mm and caters for differences of 3-10mm. Setting in just 30 minutes, Latexplan Trade Fast is light foot traffic ready after 60 minutes and floors can be installed on after between 2.5-3 hours.’

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