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Mapei specified at Food Court in Kensington

MAPEI products have been specified as part of works to the flooring at Medz Corner Food Court in Kensington, London.

The existing cementitious flooring was uneven with cracks and required patch repairs for localised loosely adhered areas. Delta ProFloor carried out work on the project, using a full Mapei resin flooring system to create a level and aesthetic appearance for long-term use.

Prior to creating a level floor to the food court and toilet areas, the existing flooring received diamond grinding for full preparation and calibration. Two component solvent-free epoxy adhesive Mapei Eporip was then used to repair cracks.

The full Mapefloor System 31 was then used to create a durable, non-slip finish flooring. This multi-layered epoxy system includes Primer SN, a two-component epoxy primer to protect and coat the substrate and promote adhesion.

Quartz 0.5 was applied to the primed area while still wet to create a suitable surface key for the Mapefloor I302 SL to bond onto.

Once hardened, excess quartz sand was removed and Mapefloor I 302 SL was then mixed with Mapecolor Paste in Tin Grey to create a shade to fit the requirements. Once mixed, it was then applied with a medium-piled roller for a smooth surface.

This two-component, epoxy formulate is suitable for use in the foodservice industry owing to its resistance to deep cleaning, ‘as well as its sleek, seamless finish. Not only does it offer a smooth finish, it’s also non-slip to reduce the possibilities of falling and slipping’.

For this particular project, Mapefloor I 302 SL was suitable for the flooring finish as it met the full brief provided by Medz Corner; it reportedly offers a suitably levelled finish for the stability of tables and chairs, resistance to stains, and an attractive aesthetic for this multi-restaurant food court.

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