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MAPEI unveils versatile UltraCare cleaners for tile and stone

MAPEI’s range of UltraCare cleaners includes a series of treatments individually designed for daily cleaning, deep cleaning and surface renovation. The range includes options for use on all types of tile and stone, suitable for professional and end-user application.

Treatments are offered in concentrated and spray formats and are reportedly safe and easy to apply on surfaces ranging from external porcelain pavers to acid-sensitive polished marble. The company has provided the following information regarding the range:

Formulated in the Mapei Research Laboratories, each Mapei UltraCare cleaning solution has been carefully developed to suit individual tile finishes and material characteristics. The solutions can be used across a diverse range of commercial and residential sites, in new and existing installations and internal and external environments.

Solutions for a builders clean, deep cleaning and stain removal:

For acid-resistant stone: Mapei UltraCare Acid Cleaner and UltraCare Keranet safely remove fixing residue, including cementitious grout, organic dirt, salt, limescale and efflorescence. The ‘buffered’ formulations don’t emit fumes, so they’re safe for the applicator, the environment and won’t damage stainless-steel and aluminium profiles.

The range also includes UltraCare Keranet Easy ready-to-use spray, which can be used as soon as grout becomes opaque; this results in significant time saving for the applicator.

For unpolished natural stone: Mapei UltraCare HD Cleaner – an alkaline formulation – breaks down organic dirt. This product is ideal for cleaning before sealing and can also be used in renovation projects to restore a stone floor’s slip rating and aesthetic. Outdoors, it also tackles the removal of moss and algae and is effective as a remover for water-based and metalised waxes.

For polished stone:

Mapei UltraCare Multicleaner – a concentrated pH-neutral cleaner – gives a thorough clean without rinsing.

It can also be used to remove dirt and grout residue, so offers a safe option for a builders clean; for this procedure, a lower dilution is used and the surface is rinsed. For ongoing cleaning, ready-to-use Mapei UltraCare Multicleaner Spray is ideal for treated surfaces – especially natural stone in showers and wet areas, vanity units and worktops – and stone that is sensitive to acid and alkaline cleaning products.

Ongoing daily maintenance
For everyday cleaning of treated and untreated tiles, the range includes Mapei UltraCare Multicleaner – a concentrated pH-neutral solution that is non-rinse at a maintenance dilution of 1:200. This versatile cleaner can be used on porcelain, ceramic, natural stone and concrete and has a coverage of 1,500sq m at this dilution.

For acid-sensitive tiles, including polished natural stone, the dilution can be adjusted to give a deeper clean and to remove cementitious residue after grouting.

Cleaning grout – and removing mould and epoxy
UltraCare Grout Cleaner – a ready-to-use concentrated alkaline cleaner for cementitious and epoxy grouts. Suitable for all types of unpolished/wax-free wall and floor tiles.

UltraCare Mould Remover
A high penetration ready-to-use cleaner used to remove mould and algae. Suitable for all types of tile and stone.

UltraCare Epoxy Off Gel
A high viscosity solution for easy removal of epoxy residue. Suitable for ceramic and glass, including mosaics; ideal for wall tiles where the gel formulation stays in contact with the surface and softens residue.

UltraCare Kerapoxy Cleaner
A ready-to-use solution for the removal of epoxy residue after grouting. Suitable for porcelain, ceramic and glass mosaics.

Alongside Mapei’s UltraCare cleaners, the range also includes a series of UltraCare protectors, designed to meet specific requirements – from colour enhancing and providing water and oil-repellent protection, to protection prior to grouting.

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