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MeasureSquare Apps

It may look complicated and high tech but measuring software is not rocket science. MeasureSquare is a simple box packed with tools designed to make the job of estimating any type of flooring from carpet, laminate, to ceramic tiles and everything in between.

Think of MeasureSquare as the flooring industry’s cockpit, these days pilots push buttons and let the aircraft’s computer systems do all of the heavy lifting, in a similar way MeasureSquare does the same for flooring estimators, it’s function is to estimate more efficiently, reduce the likelihood of mistakes, increase accuracy, speed up communications, increase output and add value to the business.

It is exciting to see UK businesses joining the global community of thousands of MeasureSquare users, every day we speak to interested flooring businesses across the United Kingdom, & Europe looking to streamline their business estimation processes as well as integrate their existing management systems with MeasureSquare. One of the great strengths of the MeasureSquare Suite is its ability to integrate (share data with other applications) via the use of API’s (Application programming interfaces) They allow different software and applications to communicate with each other.

MeasureSquare Commercial
MeasureSquare Estimation PC based software editions make short work of large commercial estimations, simply import an architectural plan in PDF, Image or CAD file format, scale it within 5 seconds, and begin your take-off. Capable of estimating any flooring, or wall-based product and service, MeasureSquare Commercial makes very short work of estimating simple and complicated carpet, vinyl, timber, laminate and tiling jobs.

MeasureSquare Mobile
For those who want to measure onsite MeasureSquare iPad App has been developed to allow a user to quickly measure, plan and estimate all types of flooring and wall products, measuring is made even easier with the use of an integrated laser measuring functionality, simply connect a Leica Disto with Bluetooth to MeasureSquare point and shoot and watch the plan being drawn on your MeasureSquare App.

MeasureSquare UK LTD
We have over twenty years’ market experience within the flooring industry, providing state-of-the-art measuring, planning, and estimation, quoting sales and installation tool suite specifically designed for the flooring industry. We work with individual flooring business owners as well as national chains across the globe from retail to commercial flooring, window furnishing, stone and tile estimation software, we live, eat and breathe what we do and are passionate about making a difference.

MeasureSquare UK Ltd is part of a global group of companies, MeasureSquare UK Ltd was established to grow the brand MeasureSquare across the UK and European flooring providers marketplace.

0330 223 3946

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