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MILLIKEN’s carpet tile collection ‘Wireframe’ encourage experimentation and individuality

MILLIKEN’s latest carpet tile collection ‘Wireframe’ has been designed to encourage experimentation and individuality. It was also created with ease-of-use in mind – aesthetically and economically – with an accessible price point. Wireframe can reportedly introduce wall-less boundaries and zones by moving organically from one colour space to another.

Milliken says the modular tile format of Wireframe is particularly suited to education interiors, offering a quick, practical, and flexible onsite solution.

‘Milliken’s floorcoverings have been designed to withstand the effects of heavy traffic in even the most demanding of education environments. The use of cushion-backing and premium fibre, combines with robust design, development, and manufacturing processes to ensure quality and durability.

‘Not only do most Milliken carpets use fibre with inherent stain-resistant properties, proprietary finishes are also built in to ensure durability and long-term appearance retention. Wireframe comes with a comprehensive warranty package, guaranteeing their performance in education interiors.

Milliken floorcoverings are engineered to meet the stringent safety standards required in university learning and accommodation settings.

‘Creating a welcoming and comfortable environment with appropriate acoustic strategies is vital for student and teacher wellbeing. The right floorcovering can boost concentration and memory as well as increasing morale and productivity.’

Milliken’s cushion-backing provides a level of underfoot comfort that ensures a welcoming and luxurious environment as well as being proven to reduce leg muscle fatigue, says the company. It continues: ‘By absorbing impact and ambient sound, Milliken’s cushion-backing helps to create quieter, calmer spaces for learning.’

An effective maintenance programme not only improves an environment’s comfort and wellbeing, it can also extend a carpet’s life by up to 30%. It can also contribute to LEED and Well Building Standard certification, says Milliken.

The company says it works with clients to develop a programme of daily and periodic maintenance that will meet the needs of their particular facility and its occupants.

‘Wireframe is also available to try out in different colours, patterns and room settings on Milliken’s ‘My Room’ online visualisation tool. Clients can upload their own space or use one of the many education room settings and view Wireframe insitu.’

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