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Newly launched ‘rapid-drying, flexible’ floor finishing compound

STOPGAP Micro Rapid, F Ball & Co’s newly launched ‘rapid-drying, flexible’ floor finishing compound, is said to be suitable for use where an ultra-smooth surface is required to prevent imperfections affecting the finished appearance of floorcovering installations.

Says the company: ‘The product can be applied to a seamless feathered edge to fill indentations formed by screws used to secure plywood and hardboard sheets as well as the gaps at joints between the panels. It can also be used to repair minor surface defects in a wide range of other absorbent surfaces, including sand/cement and calcium sulphate screeds.’

F Ball says the latest addition to its range of floor finishing and repair compounds utilises the same advanced cement technology as the company’s fast-track levelling compounds. ‘It’s walk-on hard and ready to receive new floorcoverings from just 20 minutes after application, and priming is not required prior to use, making it suitable when working to tight time constraints and deadlines. The water-mix product is supplied as a pre-blended dry powder, protein-free, making it suitable for use in biologically sensitive areas, and its beige colour allows for easier marking out.’

F Ball concludes: ‘Stopgap Micro Rapid is available in 8kg eco pouches, which are 100% recyclable, easy-to-handle, convenient to use and designed to provide extended product shelf life. The pouches can be easily resealed and transported, allowing contractors to use as much of the product as needed and keep the rest to hand until required.’

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