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Nitoflor PAFS from Fosroc

Fosroc is delighted to announce the launch of Nitoflor PAFS. Nitoflor PAFS is a new and innovative low odour, taint-free polyaspartic-based high build floor coating system for indoor spaces, balconies, and walkways.

This FeRFA Type 3 system, offers the user a seamless and durable surface finish that can have anti-slip aggregates, flakes, or coloured quartz incorporated within it. Nitoflor PAFS is fast curing at around one hour per coat depending on temperature, so application time can be kept to a minimum.

Unlike traditional fast curing resin flooring systems Nitoflor PAFS creates very little odour on application, so it’s a better solution for enclosed areas with limited ventilation. It has also been certified as having no potential to taint by Camden BRI, making it ideal for use in food and beverage production areas.

As Nitoflor PAFS can be used both internally and externally, it is suitable for a wide variety of commercial, residential and industrial flooring projects.

Fosroc delivers cutting-edge and innovative constructive solutions globally, backed by over 80 years of British manufacturing heritage. As a single-source manufacturer of construction materials, Fosroc offers a superior level of quality assurance, knowledge, continuity, and technical support. Working closely alongside architects, structural engineers, contractors and owners, bespoke solutions are developed using a range of long-lasting and low maintenance products.

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