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Norcros Rock-Tite Exterior Porcelain & Stone System

STRONG sales through distribution of Norcros Rock-Tite Exterior Porcelain & Stone System have led the company to introduce an alternative formulation for the mortar element of this innovative three-part system, says Norcros.

Norcros Rock-Tite comprises a primer, a mortar and a brush-in grout and is designed for use by landscapers and garden designers, as well as tile fixers, and reportedly capitalises on a key trend in the tiling market currently. ‘This is where internal tiled space is being extended to terrace or patio areas outside a building, which is part of a long-term lifestyle trend to enhance living areas by making better use of external space.’

The company continues: ‘The new Part 2a Rock-Tite Mortar Additive is a fibre-reinforced cement mortar mix, which is designed to mix with sharp sand to provide a high strength mortar for bonding concrete, natural stone and porcelain paving slabs to a hardcore or solid base. It contains Rock-Tite additives to improve performance, workability and freeze/thaw resistance of the finished mortar mix. The new system allows customers to purchase their sand separately if they wish, and the existing Part 2, which has the sand included, will continue to be offered.’

The company says the Norcros Rock-Tite system has been developed to overcome the problem that often porcelain tiles are installed by builders or landscapers, who may lack experience or access to guidance about working with tiles. ‘It’s designed to be simple to use by anyone who wants to create a seamless transition from internal to external living space in and around the home.

‘The full system includes Norcros Rock-Tite Porcelain Primer in three 5kg bags, supplied in a 15kg mixing bucket. The new Part 2a is supplied in a 12.5kg bag, while the original Part 2 comes in a 25kg bag. Finally the system includes a ready-to-use Brush-In Grout, in three 5kg bags supplied in a 15kg bucket. The grout colours available are Blanched Almond, Steel Grey and Tropical Ebony, matching other grouts from Norcros Adhesives.’

All elements of the Rock-Tite system are said to be covered by the Norcros Adhesives lifetime guarantee.

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