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Painted Garden, a new flooring collection from Milliken: where art meets nature

CREATIVE garden displays, inspired by celebrated artists, at the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show were one of the starting points for Milliken’s latest floor plank collection ‘Painted Garden’. It also reflects a renewed passion for horticulture and appreciation of the garden in all its different forms.

From more structured ‘architectural’ gardens to the wild and untamed; the garden provides countless pattern and design motifs ripe for experimentation.

During enforced time at home during the covid pandemic, many discovered the joy of gardening and appreciated the physical and psychological benefits associated with this seemingly simple activity.

The new, highly textural, construction of Painted Garden combines high and low lustre yarns, with 100% recycled content to create a patterned backdrop that is both luxurious and deeply textural. The careful and precise placement of yarns that Milliken’s superior tufting technology enables, along with patented printing technology Millitron, produce complex and fascinating colour and design effects.

The floor plane is brought to life as varied pile heights create pleasing highs and lows, undulating across the surface to give the collection a luxurious look and feel.

There are washes of colour and ombré transitions all emulating the different layering effects seen in a painted landscape. Rich and complex textures layer with floral brushstrokes and small dashes of seasonal colour. More nuanced colours and tonal contrasts are made possible by Milliken’s recent advancements in their patented printing technology, enabling even greater colour variation and heightened saturation. The combination of the plank format, undulating textures, and saturation of colours work together to create a sense of movement across the floor plane.

An optional overlay pattern featuring silhouette designs of seed heads and flower stems provides an inspired additional element. These motifs can be layered on top of any of the tiles in the collection to create bespoke flooring designs. The outcomes can be playful or dramatic, depending on the vision of the designer and how they are utilised.

Designed by Milliken’s in-house design team, from the Company’s base in Wigan, Painted Garden is manufactured in the UK. The 25cm by 1m tile plank format allows for masses of flexibility in designing layouts, including a striking herringbone pattern. Painted Garden has a superior cushion backing: WellBAC Comfort Plus with luxurious underfoot comfort, sound absorption, excellent acoustic performance and designed-in ergonomic properties.

The Painted Garden collection is made from Econyl yarn, which uses 100% regenerated content. As part of Milliken’s M/PACT Programme (a carbon-neutral initiative spearheaded by Milliken’s Flooring Business) it offers impressive Green credentials from recycled content to responsible end-of-life reuse. It is made from 70% recycled content by product weight and has the following third party certifications: A+, TUV, EPD, CRI and Cradle-to-Cradle Silver rating. Painted Garden is certified ‘Red List Free,’ which means that the collection contains no red list chemicals.

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